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10. The geopolitics of conflict and cooperation in the Mediterranean (ENGLISH) Play

10. The geopolitics of conflict and cooperation in the Mediterranean (ENGLISH)

Published at 53 17,,, 19 2019
On Tuesday, May 21, we held a new session in our event series titled “Dialogues on Open Societies” in Madrid, with this conference. Taking part were Gerald Knaus, founder of the European Stability Initiative, and Kristina Kausch, a senior researcher for the German Marshall Fund. Moderated by: Eduard Soler i Lecha, a senior researcher at the CIDOB. The rivalries between regional powers have been shifting and changing since the 2011 uprisings. Alliances are becoming increasingly volatile and inconsistent, in terms of both state and non-state role-players. In order to understand the way these conflicts are being redefined, as well as seeking out paths for cooperation in the Mediterranean, it is essential that we examine internal, regional and global dynamics. This analysis will take a look at a few specific cases and the way in which the EU has reacted to crises, above all in fields like migration and security. Similarly, there will be a discussion of United States’ role in the region and the way in which geopolitical borders have grown blurrier, involving neighboring regions like the Sahel, the Horn of Africa and the Balkans, as well. Gerald Knaus is the founder of the European Stability Initiative, a think-tank with offices in Berlin, Brussels and Vienna, which does work on southeastern Europe, the Caucuses, European expansion the future of the EU. Kraus studied at the Universities of Oxford, Brussels and Bologna, and has taught Economics at the University of Chernivtsi in Ukraine, as well as working for five years at NGOs and international entities in Bulgaria and Bosnia-Herzegovina. From 2001 to 2004, he worked at the UN Mission in Kosovo. He was a founding member of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) and is a specialist on state-building processes and intervention. Kristina Kausch joined the German Marshall Fund in Brussels in 2016. Ms. Kausch’s research focuses on Europe’s political relations with the Middle East and North Africa, political transformations in the Arab world and geopolitical trends in the Middle East. Prior to that, she worked at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, directed the Middle East Program at FRIDE, and was an expert at the German cooperation agency GIZ. She has had three books published on the region, as well as articles in both academic journals and the written press (The Guardian, El País, Middle East Eye and Süddeutsche Zeitung). Eduard Soler i Lecha is a senior researcher at CIDOB and the scientific coordinator of MENARA, a European project on geopolitical changes in the Middle East and North Africa. He is a political scientist and has a PhD in International Relations from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. His fields of work include: Euro-Mediterranean relations, Turkey’s foreign and domestic policy, political change in North Africa and the Middle East, Spain’s Mediterranean policy and cooperation in the field of security in the Mediterranean. More info: http://en.casaarabe.es/event/“dialogues-on-open-societies”-series-of-conferences#14545


  • Conference: "The Transition in Egypt After June 30th" by Ambassador Ayman ZaineldinShow video

    Conference: "The Transition in Egypt After June 30th" by Ambassador Ayman Zaineldin

    The Ambassador of Egypt in Spain, Ayman Zaineldin, analyses the Egyptian political transition that began in January of 2011, in light of the recent events which culminated on June 30, 2013. The event took place on Thursday, September 12, at 9:00 p.m. in the Casa Árabe Auditorium in Madrid (at Calle Alcalá, 62). Amb. Zaineldin offered a conference at which he reviewed what has taken place in his country since the so-called Arab Spring and up to the current moment. During his speech, Zaineldin was accompanied by Charles Powell, Director of the Elcano Royal Institute and Vice-President of the Spanish Transition Foundation, and Jesús Núñez Villaverde, the Co-Director of the Institute for Studies on Conflicts and Humanitarian Action (IECAH). For more information: http://en.casaarabe.es/news/the-transition-in-egypt-after-june-30th
    Published at 37 12,,, 14 2014
  • Conferencia sobre la intervención en Mali [V.O. inglés y castellano]Show video

    Conferencia sobre la intervención en Mali [V.O. inglés y castellano]

    Casa Árabe y FRIDE organizon, el martes 25 de junio en Madrid, la conferencia "Los desafíos para la seguridad en el Sahel y la trampa de la intervención en Mali", que impartió Anouar Boukhars, investigador visitante de FRIDE y del Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. La conferencia fue comentada por Jesús Nuñez, codirector del IECAH (Instituto de Estudios sobre Conflictos y Acción Humanitaria), y presentada por Eduardo López Busquets, director general de Casa Árabe y Barah Mikail, Investigador Senior de Oriente Medio y Norte de África en FRIDE. Más información: http://www.casaarabe.es/noticias-arabes/show/conferencia-sobre-la-intervencion-en-mali
    Published at 37 12,,, 14 2014
  • "The Role of Women in Twenty-first Century Egypt", by Nawal Moustafa [English/Spanish]Show video

    "The Role of Women in Twenty-first Century Egypt", by Nawal Moustafa [English/Spanish]

    On Thursday, September 19, journalist and entrepreneur Nawal Moustafa offered this conference in Madrid, at which she spoke about the situation of Egyptian women at the present time. Along with Moustafa, an Ashoka social entrepreneur and founder of the "Association for the Children of Imprisoned Women" in Egypt. Taking part in the event was Ana Sáenz de Miera, the Director of Ashoka Spain, and Karim Hauser, who is responsible for Casa Árabe's Governance program. As a result of what we now call the Arab Spring, women's participation in processes of change is a topic which has been debated from many different perspectives. Egypt, like Tunisia, is a country in which the role of women has been instrumental in terms of social mobilization. Given the current turmoil in the region, what is the outlook for Egyptian women's challenges and prospects in the twenty-first century? For more information: http://en.casaarabe.es/news/the-role-of-women-in-twenty-first-century-egypt
    Published at 37 12,,, 14 2014
  • Conference: "Collecting and Curating Islamic Art in the 21st Century", by Tim StanleyShow video

    Conference: "Collecting and Curating Islamic Art in the 21st Century", by Tim Stanley

    Tim Stanley, Senior Curator for the Middle East at the Victoria and Albert Museum, offered this conference on Thursday, November 7 at our headquarters in Madrid. Participating in the event were Santiago Saavedra, the director of Ediciones El Viso, Guillermo de Osma, an art historian and gallery owner, and Eduardo López Busquets, the General Director of Casa Árabe. For more information please visit: http://en.casaarabe.es/news/collecting-and-curating-islamic-art-in-the-21st-century
    Published at 36 12,,, 14 2014
  • 3/6 Foro ElcanoTerrorismo Global: sur de Europa [V.O español/inglés]Show video

    3/6 Foro ElcanoTerrorismo Global: sur de Europa [V.O español/inglés]

    18 de noviembre de 2013. 18:00 horas. Evolución de la amenaza y desafíos contraterroristas en el sur de Europa Panel I Presidente: Rafael Estrella, vicepresidente, Real Instituto Elcano • La amenaza del terrorismo yihadista en Portugal. Hacia una Estrategia Nacional Contraterrorista. Hermínio Matos, investigador permanente, Centro de Investigación del Instituto Superior de Ciencias Policiales y Seguridad Interior de Portugal (ICPOL), Lisboa • La amenaza del terrorismo yihadista en Francia. Philippe Migaux, investigador y profesor, Sciences Po, París • La amenaza del terrorismo yihadista en Italia. Lorenzo Vidino, Senior Fellow, Center for Security Studies, ETH, Zurich • Estructura organizativa del terrorismo yihadista en España Javier Jordán, profesor titular de Ciencia Política, Universidad de Granada Más info: http://www.casaarabe.es/noticias-arabes/show/i-foro-elcano-sobre-terrorismo-global-“terrorismo-global-y-mediterraneo-occidental”-2
    Published at 36 12,,, 14 2014