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“Everyone writes about love but you” 

May 31, 2018

Casa Árabe and the Bala Perdida publishing firm are presenting the latest work by Iraqi author Abdulhadi Sadoun in Madrid.

During the event, the author will be accompanied by Emilio Torné, the Art Director of Bala Perdida; writers José Ángel Mañas and José Manuel Lucía Megía, and Lorena Carbajo, the director of the Bala Perdida publishing firm.

“Universe of love is the constellation of these pages, life observed through the prisms of the intimate kaleidoscope of love. Each page is like the sheet of a world, the mirror upon which the symbolic body of longing is reflected, and also the representations of love and sorrow, possession and loss, the emotional paradoxes of human feeling facing the designs of time.
Before the challenging nature of timelessness and the ephemeral, Abdul Hadi’s poetry becomes the awareness of an endlessness, that of the territory of love, that place which obeys nor heeds any other law but its own identity, its own being, and then consuming itself. It is that anonymous individual, lost in the palimpsest of the modern city, the remote inhabitant of a timeless light who faces the fate of darks and pronounces the vivid word of its lamp, the light that shines amid the uncertainty and distances us from the gaping border of the unknown.”
                                                                                                                           Juan Carlos MESTRE

Abdul Hadi Sadoun (Baghdad – Iraq, 1968). A writer, translator and Hispanist, he currently resides in Madrid. Holder of a PhD in Philosophy and Letters from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He has authored a long list of books in both Arabic and Spanish, the most notable of which include: Escribir en cuneiforme (Writing in Cuneiform, 2006), Plagios familiares (Family Plagiarism, 2008), Pájaro en la boca y otros poemas  (A Bird in the Mouth and Other Poems, 2009), Siempre Todavía  (Always Forever, 2010), Campos del extraño (The Stranger’s Fields, 2011) and Memorias de un perro iraquí  (Memoirs of an Iraqi Dog, 2016). His literary work has been translated into English, French, Italian, Farsi, Kurdish and Catalan. He has also translated into Arabic great authors of Spanish-language works, including Lorca, Alberti, Machado, Jiménez, Aleixandre and Borges. His poetry has been acknowledged with  the second Antonio Machado International Scholarship (Soria, Spain, 2009), his naming as a Distinguished Guest of the city of Salamanca (2016) and the Tenth Distinction for Poets from Other Worlds (published by Fondo Poético Internacional, 2016).
“Everyone writes about love but you”