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A dramatized performance: The Saqunda Arrabal Incident

March 21, 20188:30 p..
Casa Árabe Auditorium (at Calle Samuel de los Santos Gener, 9). 8:30 p.. Free entry until the event’s capacity is reached.
In Spanish.

A story of friendship, betrayal and reconciliation, shown with an entertaining touch, but without setting aside historical fact, to be performed at Casa Árabe’s headquarters in Cordoba in conjunction with SextoMario.

The upcoming date of March 24, 2018 is the 1,200th anniversary of what was known as the “Arrabal Incident,” an armed uprising by the population living in the “arrabal” (or suburb) known as Saqunda against Emir Al-Hakam I, jeopardizing the continuity of the Umayyad emirs rule over Al-Andalus. The repression by the emir after these events was so brutal that it led to the complete disappearance of the neighborhood, and many of the most notable personages in Qurtuba fled.
However, chroniclers such as Ibn Hazm also recorded various examples of Al-Hakam I’s magnanimity and indulgence, the most notable of which included the story of Talut, an important “faqih” who managed to flee from the killing. Fearing for his life, he managed to find refuge in the home of Efraim, a resident of Jewish origin whom he trusted. Efraim gave him shelter in his house for an entire year.

It is a story of friendship, betrayal and reconciliation, shown with an entertaining touch, but without setting aside historical fact, as is always the case with the performances put on by SextoMario. This performance will be held in a privileged setting, the Casa Mudéjar (Casa Árabe’s current headquarters), an original building from the fourteenth century that includes five different houses linked together by galleries, a passageway and stairwells, with four courtyards and a watchtower.

Come enjoy this dramatized performance with us. It will take us all back to Qurtuba in the year 819, one of the most turbulent and interesting periods in the history of this emirate in Al-Andalus!
A dramatized performance: The Saqunda Arrabal Incident
Shopping for Ramadan at the Alcázar of Cordoba (SextoMario).
was created because of a calling to teach History in a pleasant and entertaining way, without giving up the basic contents that form part of our values and culture, through a broad catalogue of educational workshops and games.

With this focus, the workshops strengthen skills such as paying attention, memory, psychomotor skills and coordination, while the youths learn about a wide range of aspects from our past and, In turn, reflect about our present.

SextoMario is made up of professionals who have earned advanced degrees in Art History, History and Archeology, possessing excellent resumes with training on the history and archeology of Cordoba. Moreover, they possess a great deal of experience in the field of teaching, which allows them to offer those who take part in their workshops with extensive, diversified information on the history and archeology of our past, always in accordance with the requirements of the topic at hand.

The extensive experience they have acquired includes several programs of an educational nature carried out in 2012, 2013 and 2014 with the CEP of Cordoba, having given various workshops with primary school children and archeological tours with secondary school students. Included amongst these programs were specific events for pre-school children and special education students, for whom the contents and structure of the workshops were adapted.

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