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Burruezo & Nur Camerata in Concert 

December 14, 20178:00 p.m.
Casa Árabe Auditorium (at Calle Alcalá, 62). 8:00 p.m. Tickets with assigned seating, sold online at the price of 6 euros.
Those tickets which have not been sold online will be put on sale one hour before the concert at the Casa Árabe Auditorium door for the price of 7 euros (6 euros for the officially unemployed, Casa Árabe Language Center students and Youth Card holders. You must demonstrate this status by showing the proper document to receive the discount). 

Casa Árabe is hosting the performance “A Sufi in the Twenty-First Century: Music and words by someone madly in love,” on Thursday, December 14 

Pedro Burruezo, a musician with a lengthy career which goes back to the eighties, will be performing at Casa Árabe with Wafir S. Gibril (ney, Arabic oud, percussion, etc.) and Maia Kanaan (viola, vocals) in a show that promises to be intimate yet big on emotion.

“A Sufi in the Twenty-First Century: Music and words by someone madly in love” is both a concert and, at the same time, a sort of visit to a contemporary Sufi zawiya where one of its “mûrits,” or “apprentices,” Burruezo, the host, weaves together a discourse in which music plays the starring role, though the production does not fail to include small dramatic devices which the artist, like a Sufi troubadour of our modern times, explains and explores in this performance of great spiritual depth. In it, music, stories, Sufi poems and more are subtly tied together and perfumed with the music of a contemporary Al-Andalus to dazzle the audience with a message of love and compassion that hypnotizes our senses and hearts.

In terms of the music, Burruezo and his fellow performers present some of the works from their acclaimed latest albums: “Misticísssimus”, “Dervishes & Troubadours”, etc., always published by Satélite K. Pieces like “Soleá sufí,” “Alhambra Tasawwuf,” “Allahouma,” “La noche” and “Ebrios de amor divino, Al Kauthar” take us on a journey through the hidden corners of our past and future, always amid tradition and the cutting-edge, between our roots and contemporary times, between East and West.

At the same time, in perfect, symbiotic communion, Burruezo speaks to us about the place where these songs were born and what they mean. He evokes the poems of Ibn Al Arabi, of Rabi’a Al Adawiyya and Rumi. He immerses us in Sufism and its most unrepentant mysticism...

Pedro Burruezo is also the director of the magazine The Ecologist and has a list of publications which includes books like “Ecología and espiritualidad” (“Ecology and Spirituality”), in which he advocates getting back to Nature as a theophany. This production was premiered just a few weeks ago at the Micronesia Festival in Huesca and has now been put on at the Fundación 3 Culturas in Seville, on both occasions becoming a success among the audience and critics. Wafir S. Gibril and Maia Kanaan, musicians of highly acknowledged prestige, will be accompanying Burruezo on this journey towards Beauty.

Pedro Burruezo, vocals, cuitar, mondol, percussion, playwriting
Maia Kanaan, vocals, viola
Wafir. S. Gibril, ney, Arabic oud, percussion

Burruezo & Nur Camerata in Concert