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Creating a network for Euro-Arab-African dialogue between religions and for social action 

February 06, 20187:00 p.m.
Casa Árabe Auditorium (at Calle Alcalá, 62). 7:00 p.m. Free entry until the event’s capacity is reached.

The goal of this round table discussion, promoted by the “Centro Persona y Justicia” Foundation, is to create incentives to promote cultural, religious and spiritual relations as a driver of socio-economic and political change for the peoples in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The event will include talks by Samir Akacha, the Assistance Director of the organization Coexister (Brussels, Belgium); Nayla Tabbara, co-founder of the Adyan Foundation (Beirut, Lebanon) and Esteban Velázquez, Director of the “Centro Persona y Justicia” Foundation (Granada, Spain). It will be presented by Pedro Villena, the General Director of Casa Árabe.
The “Centro Persona y Justicia” Foundation has promoted this round table discussion, with the cooperation and sponsorship of Casa Árabe, the Euro-Arab Foundation and the Fundación Tres Culturas. The main pillar of this foundation’s activities is that it is convinced that, amongst other ideas, there is no just social, economic and political solution in the relations between peoples without a profound change in their cultural and religious or spiritual relations. Especially in an areas of the world like Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa, where there is a contrast between, on the one hand, a mostly non-religious or post-religious place like Europe, and on the other, the Arab world and Africa, where religious and spiritual concepts play a fundamental role in every order of life and society.
The goal is to use a series of annual conferences to contribute to strengthening relations and create tight bonds between social organizations on both continents (also including the non-African Near East), which share these ideas, with objectives and activities that in some   way involve the promotion of improved mutual relationships between the spiritual and religious with the aspects involved in alternative, global and, above all, just social change. These bonds among organizations may be able to evolve towards other types of activities and joint, coordinated action by civil society on both continents and in each of these cultural universes.

This round table discussion will be held once again on Wednesday, February 7, at the Euro-Arab Foundation in Granada and on February 8 at the Fundación Tres Culturas in Seville.
Creating a network for Euro-Arab-African dialogue between religions and for social action 
Coexister is a youth-led inter-religious, inter-faith movement that was created in 2009. It has an extensive network with representatives in France, Germany, Switzerland, England and Belgium, bringing together young people of different faiths and beliefs, including believers and non-believers, who have an interest in social action to promote dialogue, solidarity and sensitivity in society and create a more committed and just world.
Foundation  Adyan. Created in Beirut, Lebanon in 2006 by Nayla Tabara, a Muslim intellectual and activist, and Fadi Daou, a Maronite Christian priest. It is an independent organization that works locally and internationally in both Lebanon and abroad. It carries out educational, intellectual and social projects from an inter-religious perspective. It also carries out studies which are inter-religious for spiritual solidarity.
The “Centro Persona y Justicia” Foundation is a space which promotes different ways of going more in-depth and working to further, both personally and collectively, through any spiritual or religious option, a mutual relationship in cultivating people’s inner world, with a transformation of our social reality to move towards peace, global justice and caring  for life in all of its forms. The project includes, on the one hand,  the creation of the house and space known as  “Silence and Justice”  for inner contemplation  and training, and, on the other, the social program “Earth, Roof and Work” for ecological farming, as well as other social projects to help people at a high risk of social exclusion.