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Donia Massoud in Concert 

November 14, 20178:00 p.m.
Casa Árabe Auditorium (at Calle Alcalá, 62) 8:00 p.m. Assigned seating with tickets, on sale now for 6 euros online.
Those tickets which have not been sold online will be put on sale one hour before the concert and the Casa Árabe Auditorium door for the price of 7 euros (6 euros for the officially unemployed, Casa Árabe Language Center students and Youth Card holders. You must demonstrate this status by showing the proper document to receive the discount).

Casa Árabe is presenting the performance “Voices from Post-Revolutionary Egypt,” featuring singer Donia Massoud, percussionist Samir Elturky and Kave Savarian on the ney. Tickets are now on sale.

Donia Massoud is a singer and actress. Born and raised in Alexandria, she left for Cairo at the age of 19, overcoming her family’s objections. Her desire to gain more in-depth knowledge of the roots of Egyptian poetry and popular music led her all throughout the country to learn about and study the musical repertoires with the help of regular everyday people from Suez to Upper Egypt. Upon returning, she created her own independent group, and she now tours Europe, Asia and Africa with its musicians. The result of this stage of delving into her country’s folklore is the CD “Mahatet Masr.”

In addition to other music and theater projects, Donia has also worked with the group of well-known musician Fathy Salama, who already performed at Casa Árabe back in 2007. She has also been a member of the theater company Al-Warsha. Theater has always formed an essential part of this performer’s work, and she considers popular music to be an art very closely related with the dramatic arts. In her work as an actress, Donia Massoud has played roles in several films, television series and plays in Egypt and Sweden, in both Arabic and English.

As stated about her by music critic Mustapha El-Menshawy in Al Ahram Weekly, Donia’s presence on the stage has a very special force, as she performs with a “coquettish quality reminiscent of Shadia and Soaad Hosni, two legends of Egyptian cinema in the forties and fifties.”
Samir Elturky. Born in Cairo, Elturky is a young percussionist who carries out his work as a musician all over Europe and Egypt. He is a specialist on instruments such as the darbuka, tabla, duff, bendir, doholla, djambé and riq.  During his early years in Europe, Samir took up residence in Rome, where he formed the group AraBand, devoted not only to classical Egyptian music, but also to experimenting with new, more contemporary rhythms and techniques, including electronic percussion. He has been trained with the finest masters from his country (Said El Artist, Ahmed Misirili and Khamis Henkesh). At present he resides in Madrid, where he takes part in the music scene and helps promote various initiatives with musicians from all over the world.

Kaveh Sarvarian is a musician and composer. He completed his academic studies (a Master’s degree in Musical Composition) at the University of the Arts in Tehran, and since then has performed throughout the world with different music groups. He has been a member of the Tehran Symphonic Orchestra (concert flute), the Rastak Ensemble (specializing in folklore-based wind instruments), the Naima Jazz Fusion Group (playing the flute, ney and tombak). For eight years, he has been a university professor and author of several educational books, including “The Complete Method for Teaching the Ney by Kaveh Sarvarian.” He has a long list of published albums, the most notable of which include  “Parisan” (quartet for ney), “Persian Rug” (flute and piano duet) and “Avareh” (jazz fusion). He has won different awards, including Best Composer at the International Fajr Festival and Best Soundtrack at Iran’s National Media Festival.
Donia Massoud in Concert