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Screening of Yamo in Cordoba

From October 02, 2012 until October 19, 2012

Within the framework of the cooperation between Casa Árabe and the African Cinema Festival of Cordoba (FCAT), the film-documentary Yamo, of Rami Nihawi (Lebanon, 2011, 70 min) was screened on Friday October 19th.

Yamo lives with his mother Nawal, his sister Rima and his brother Rayan. They communicate through long silences, unspoken words, arguments and negotiations. Nawal is an aloof woman who does not usually talk about her past, although it can be noticed that she has a lot to say. Her past is reconstructed through dreams and memories. She passed it in Bejje, her native village, where her father denounced her for getting married to a Muslim. Nawal reveals her past: her childhood as a Christian, her youth as a Communist, her life as the wife of Mustapha, the man who abandoned his family.
The screening in original version with Spanish subtitles took place at the Auditorium of Casa Árabe in Cordoba (c/ Samuel de los Santos Gener, 9) at 20.00 and the entrance was free.
Screening of Yamo in Cordoba