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Summer reads 

From July 24, 2017 until September 03, 2017

For yet another year, Casa Árabe is suggesting a series of summer reads with Arab authors and themes.

As it did last year, our institution would like to offer you a list of publications with some good reads that were presented at Casa Árabe over the last quarter of 2017, as well as mentioning some which we were unable to present during the first half of the year, and offering others to complement the subject matter that we deal with at our conferences.  They include: 

Coming soon at Casa Árabe:
- “Sudán y Sudán del Sur” (“Sudan and South Sudan”) by Alfredo Langa Herrero
- “El caparazón. Diario de un mirón en las cárceles de al Asad” (“The Turtle Shell: Diary of a voyeur at Assad’s jails”) by Mustafa Khalifa
- “Un impulso extraño” (“An An Uncanny Impulse”) on the exhibition with the same name
- “Tánger 1916-1924” (“Tangiers 1916-1924”) by Francisco de Asís Serrat y Bonastre, with a prologue by Bernabé López García

Recently published:
- “Oriente Medio, Oriente Roto” (“Middle East, Broken East”) by Mikel Ayestarán
- “Limones negros” (“Black Lemons”) by Javier Valenzuela
- “Hermanos musulmanes en Egipto. Una historia política” (“The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt: A political history”) by Rocío Vázquez Martí
- “Llegó el chacal” (“The Jackal Came”) by Farideh Lashai

Other proposals:
- “País en llamas. Los sirios en la revolución y en la guerra”  (“A Country in Flames: Syrians in the revolution and war”) by Robin Yassin-Kassab and Leila al Shami
- “La mujer de papel” (“The Paper Woman”) by Rabih Alameddine
- “Lo que Europa debe al islam de España”(“What Europe Owes to Spain’s Islam”) by Juan Vernet

We would also like to remind you that the Reading Club run by Balqís, Casa Árabe’s bookstore, will be back with new proposals when summer is over.

Other cultural plans related with the Arab world that we we recommend to you include:

- The Palestinian film “Family Matters,” which premiered in Spain on July 21
- The exhibition “Treasures of the Hispanic Society of America: Visions of the Hispanic world,” which is now on at the Prado Museum, showing the collection of Archer Milton Huntington (1870-1955), which includes pieces from Al-Andalus, fabrics, ceramics and ivory carvings on display for the first time ever in Spain.
Summer reads