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'Call for papers' for the twentieth FIMAM Meeting  

From July 01, 2017 until October 01, 2017

The period to submit presentations for the Forum of Research on the Arab and Muslim World (FIMAM) will remain open until September 15. The event will be hosted by Casa Árabe on the dates of November 23 and 24.

In order to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of this forum, which is coinciding with the celebration of Casa Árabe’s ten years of activity, the meeting will preceded by a special day at which we will review the current status of studies on the contemporary Arab world on the Iberian Peninsula.

The forum is an informal encounter for sharing and exchanging amongst researchers from all over Spain, though it is also open to researchers from other countries. Research projects in the initial, intermediate and complete stages will be presented in order to debate and learn about the different projects currently being carried out on the Arab and Muslim world. A special desk will be set up for submitting thesis projects in their initial stages, with the objective of gathering opinions and advice from those members who have been working in this field the longest.

The deadline for submitting summaries of the communiqués, containing no more than 300 words, is Friday, September 15.

The FIMAM is an initiative for scientific cooperation and thematic information about the Arab and Muslim world which brings together a significant portion of Spain’s research world working on these topics, with the participation of professors, researchers and experts from universities and research centers in Spain and other countries. Since it was founded in 1995, it has held an annual meeting with the goal of building an information sharing network.

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'Call for papers' for the twentieth FIMAM Meeting