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  • “Dialogues on Open Societies” series of conferences 

    “Dialogues on Open Societies” series of conferences 

    From January 14, 2019 until July 31, 20197:00 p.m.
    Casa Árabe and the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation have organized this series of events that will be lasting throughout the months of January to July of 2019.
  • Spanish journalists in Arab countries

    From February 05, 2019 until July 31, 20197:00 p.m.
    Throughout 2019, Casa Árabe will be holding a series of conferences aimed at increasing awareness about the work by Spanish journalists who cover the Arab world to provide information. 
  • Women and Immigration

    Women and Immigration

    Talks that taste like tea
    From May 06, 2019 until May 13, 20196:30 p.m.
    As part of the event series titled “Talks That Taste Like Tea,” Casa Árabe and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Spain have organized a new session of these Spanish-Moroccan dialogues amongst women on Monday, May 13.
  • Liberal currents in Islam 

    Liberal currents in Islam 

    “Dialogues on Open Societies” series of conferences 
    May 07, 20197:00 p.m.
    On Tuesday, May 7, we will be holding another session in the series “Dialogues on Open Societies,” this time given by Islamologist Rachid Benzine and Professor Luz Gómez.

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