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  • “Aula Árabe” 

    “Aula Árabe” 

    From September 23, 2019 until June 30, 20207:00 p.m.
    “Aula Árabe” is a new annual program held in conjunction with several universities, organized by Casa Árabe with the cooperation of Madrid’s public universities. The first conference, open to the general public, will take place on Monday, September 30.
  • The end of Al-Andalus: from the “Reconquista” to “paradise lost” 

    The end of Al-Andalus: from the “Reconquista” to “paradise lost” 

    From October 07, 2019 until October 29, 2019Please check schedules.
    At its Cordoba headquarters, Casa Árabe is organizing this series of conferences, to be held from October 7 through 29, in continuation of the series “The Origin of Al-Andalus,” which we were able to enjoy last fall.

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