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  • Guided tours of the Casa Mudéjar 

    Guided tours of the Casa Mudéjar 

    From February 21, 2019 until December 20, 2019Check dates and schedules.
    Casa Árabe has organized a series of ten guided tours of Casa Mudéjar, the current headquarters of its institution in Cordoba. New dates to be announced soon.
  • Talks that taste like tea

    Talks that taste like tea

    From March 04, 2019 until December 31, 2019Check dates and times.
    Casa Árabe and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Spain are organizing these events, the objective of which is to take part in dialogue,  in an informal atmosphere, about topics of mutual interest and  current events in both societies. 
  • Guided tours of Casa Árabe’s headquarters in Madrid 

    Guided tours of Casa Árabe’s headquarters in Madrid 

    From September 09, 2019 until October 19, 2019Check dates, schedules and entry conditions for each activity.
    Throughout the upcoming weeks, the institution will be taking part in three events devoted to highlighting architectural heritage in the city of Madrid. Sign up and find out more about the Escuelas Aguirre building, Casa Árabe’s current headquarters.

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