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  • Arab Cinema in Huesca

    Arab Cinema in Huesca

    From May 19, 2011 until July 01, 2011
    From June 17th to July 1st, Casa Árabe, in collaboration with Arab and African Migrant Women Association, shows in Huesca three films: a fiction one, a documentary and an animation children film.
  • Cinema season Euroba in Malaga

    Cinema season Euroba in Malaga

    From November 12, 2010 until June 29, 2011
    From June 1st to 29th, Casa Árabe takes to Malaga the season EuroBa, organized by Laila and Nadia Hotait.Europe, or Euroba in the Arabic phonetics, is plural, varied, has many pasts and presents and a piece of its closest future hangs on the understanding and assimilation of the migrations that come from Arab or Islamic countries towards its territory.
  • Cinema, censorship and democracy in Tunisia and Egypt

    Cinema, censorship and democracy in Tunisia and Egypt

    From May 31, 2011 until June 20, 2011
    Casa Árabe and the African Film Festival of Tarifa (FCAT) present in Madrid from June 3rd to 20th a film collection from the season Cinema and Censorship / Cinema and Democracy? The cases of Tunisia and Egypt. The whole season will be screened during the FCAT 8th Edition, from June 11th to 19th in Tarifa.
  • Cinema Biographies II

    Cinema Biographies II

    From March 28, 2011 until April 29, 2011
    From April 1st to 29th, Casa Árabe presents in Madrid "Cinema Biographies", a season of films, documentary and fiction films, focused on the biographical profile of known Arab intellectual and political important figures: Gamal Abdel Nasser, Egyptian former president; Mohamed Ben Abdelkrim, leader of the anticolonialist forces during the Rif War; Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd, reputed Islam liberal thinker; and Hanan Ashrawi, Palestinian political activist.
  • First Steps of the Maghrebian Cinema

    First Steps of the Maghrebian Cinema

    From February 17, 2011 until March 30, 2011
    Casa Árabe, in collaboration with the universities of Cordoba, Jaen and Cadiz , shows this season dedicated to the first films of the Maghrebian cinema within the framework of Mediterranean Visual Elements (Visualidades Mediterráneas), a project coordinated by the University of Jaen to revise the view of the Mediterranean culture from both shores of the sea shared by Europe, Asia and Africa.

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