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  • Advanced calligraphy workshop

    Advanced calligraphy workshop

    From March 20, 2012 until April 13, 2012
    From April 9th to 13th, Casa Árabe organizes in Cordoba an advanced Arabic calligraphy workshop with the Moroccan graphic artist Said Messari, who will teach a theoretical and intensive practical course on Arabic calligraphy applied to plastic and decorative arts, structured in a five three-hour sessions.
  • Darbuka Workshop

    Darbuka Workshop

    From February 15, 2012 until February 25, 2012
    Casa Árabe organizes a workshop to learn how to play darbuka, from March 19th to 21st, in Cordoba
  • Advanced Arab Calligraphy workshop 

    Advanced Arab Calligraphy workshop 

    From January 23, 2012 until February 17, 2012
    Theoretical and practical intensive Arab calligraphy course applied to plastic and decorative arts, taught by the Moroccan graphic artist Said Messari from February 13rd to 17th in Madrid.
  • Orientalism: the depicted "Moor"

    Orientalism: the depicted "Moor"

    From January 23, 2012 until February 17, 2012
    Casa Árabe organizes an audiovisual workshop on Orientalism focused on analysing and reflecting how the fictional representation of the Arab concept has been recreated, establishing clichés and stereotypes which hinder getting to know the real Arab states societies and citizens.
  • Arabic Calligraphy Introductory Practical Course

    From December 19, 2011 until January 20, 2012
    Casa Árabe organizes from 16th to 20th January  an introductory Arabic calligraphy course, open to any kind of public.

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