• New edition of Aula Árabe Universitaria

    The annual series of conferences organized with the cooperation of university programs in Madrid and Cordoba will begin on September 27, 2021.  

  • New event series: "Islamization Debated" 

  • Made in Qatar: The Doha Film Institute's advancement of cinema

    From September 17 through October 22, Casa Árabe will be hosting a series of film screenings at its headquarters in Madrid and Cordoba, on this occasion devoted to films promoted by Qatar. Check dates and times and buy your tickets online. 

  • Reopening of Casa Árabe’s restaurant and terrace

    The restaurant and terrace at Casa Árabe’s headquarters in Madrid will be reopening to the public, thanks to an agreement signed between the institution and the “Acoge un Plato Catering” initiative of the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid (CEAR).

The Latest at Casa Árabe

Qatar: Middle power and mediator 

Casa Árabe has invited Neil Quilliam (Chatham House), Andreas Krieg (King's College London), and Emma Soubrier (George Washington University), to analyze the emirate’s current role, at a conference to be held on October 18. You will be able to watch the conference live on YouTube
October 18, 2021 ONLINE

City formation in al-Andalus and its impact on the region 

Second session in this series devoted to scientific discussion of the phenomenon known as the "Islamization" of the Visigoth population in al-Andalus. On October 19 at the Casa Árabe headquarters in Cordoba. 
October 19, 2021 CORDOBA.

Astrolabe workshop

On Thursday, October 21 at our headquarters in Cordoba, we will be learning all about this measuring device, during one of the many workshops offered by SextoMario. Sign up now.
From October 8, 2021 until October 21, 2021 CORDOBA

Get to know the Casa Mudéjar in Cordoba

On Friday, October 22, we will be giving yet another guided tour of our Cordoba headquarters, to mark our tenth anniversary inside this emblematic building. Reserve now to attend.
From October 8, 2021 until October 22, 2021 CORDOBA

Retrospective: A decade of reacquainting with the Arab world 

To mark the tenth anniversary of the official opening of Casa Árabe’s permanent headquarters in Cordoba, on October 21 we are opening this group exhibition to the public, with works by more than 60 artists, reflecting the work we have performed on exhibitions over these last ten years.
From October 21, 2021 until January 28, 2022 CORDOBA

Guided tours of the exhibition "Retrospective: A decade of reacquanting with the Arab world"

On two Fridays, October 22 and 29, guided tours will be given by the curators of the group exhibition commemorating the tenth anniversary of the official opening at Casa Árabe's permanent headquarters in Cordoba.
From October 14, 2021 until October 29, 2021 CORDOBA

Film: "Kashta", "Amphitheatre" and "Man without a Cell Phone"

Last screening of these three Qatari-produced films in Madrid on October 22. Buy your tickets now on our website.
October 22, 2021 MADRID

Film: "The Waiting Room" and "Haifa Street"

On October 22, we will be screening these two films in Cordoba, a short and a feature film, as part of our film series dedicated to Qatar. Buy your ticket now on our website. 
October 22, 2021 CORDOBA

Reopening of Casa Árabe’s restaurant and terrace

As of Tuesday, June 15, the restaurant and terrace at Casa Árabe’s headquarters in Madrid will be reopening to t...

Reading workshop: Abd al-Raḥmān al-Dahil: The Émigré Prince

After our summer break, on Thursday, September 23, we will be resuming this series of workshops which have allowed us to take a more in-depth look at Al-Andalus. At this fourth session, we will get the chance to comment on Daniel Valdivieso’s most recent book.
From September 23, 2021 until October 27, 2021 ONLINE

A World of Snippets

As of October 29, you can enjoy this exhibition curated by María Gómez López, with the collaboration of the Hafez Gallery, to display works by artists Amina Agueznay, asmaa al-issa, Christine Gedeon and Filwa Nazer. The exhibition will be held until January 30 at the Casa Árave headquarters in Madrid.
From October 29, 2021 until January 30, 2022 MADRID

New event series: "Islamization Debated"

Casa Árabe is hosting a series of conferences intended to spur debate and a re-examination of the complex process which the Spanish Visigothic population underwent in Al-Andalus. The event series will be held from October 2021 through April 2022.
From October 5, 2021 until April 5, 2022 CORDOBA
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