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“The Arabian Nights” return to Madrid

October 16, 20217:30 p.m.
Casa Árabe Hall of Columns (at Calle Alcalá, 62, basement level). 7:30 p.m. 5 euros: general tickets at the box office. 4 euros: Tickets purchased online, the officially unemployed, Casa Árabe Language Center students and Youth Card holders, by showing the proper documentation. You may only receive one discount. Sales in advance
In Spanish.

On Saturday, October 16, storyteller Héctor Urién is returning to Casa Árabe’s headquarters in Madrid to regale us with tales from this Middle Eastern literature classic. Tickets are now being sold online. 

On this occasion, night number 21, the common thread running through all the stories will be “stars.”

In The Arabian Nights fate plays a crucial role. Many tales show us we are bound by our own fate, but the story of Scheherazade is different from many because she is so determined to end the terrible situation she and those close to her are trapped within. In any case, fate plays a major role in folk tales and is symbolized by a star. Stars light up the night and can be seen in a thousand forms. On this night of storytelling, we will be seeing stars in a special way, with the good stars casting light on this gathering with the audience at Casa Árabe in Madrid.

Héctor Urién (Madrid, 1977) makes his living from telling stories. As a professional storyteller, he performs his art and stage work at theaters in Spain and Latin America. Drawn by his curiosity and and a deeply ingrained scientific streak, Urién has developed his own regular storytelling workshop in Madrid, where students and teacher discover the inner workings of stories and the mystery of oral storytelling together. As a storyteller on stage, his most original and exciting project has to do with The Arabian Nights, which he continues to tell every Tuesday night at a small theater in downtown Madrid. A short, straightforward storyteller, he has taken part in several national and international festivals and co-directs the annual festival “Ávila de cuento.” He has had several essays published, including La narración fractal: arte y ciencia de la oralidad (Fractal Storytelling: Art and science of orality, Palabras del candil, 2015), El arte de contar bien una historia (The Art of Telling a Good Story, Planeta, 2001), Teoría y práctica de la narranción fractal (Fractal Storytelling Theory and Practice, Amazon Dkp, 2021).
“The Arabian Nights” return to Madrid