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A World of Snippets

From October 29, 2021 until January 30, 2022
Casa Árabe headquarters in Madrid (at Calle Alcalá, 62)

As of October 29, you can enjoy this exhibition curated by María Gómez López, with the collaboration of the Hafez Gallery, to display works by artists Amina Agueznay, asmaa al-issa, Christine Gedeon and Filwa Nazer. The exhibition will be held until January 30 at the Casa Árabe headquarters in Madrid.

Since time immemorial, human beings have felt the need to learn about and document the places they traversed, constructing stories of the world that enabled them to get their bearings and grasp the phenomena that shaped their environment. Maps, spatial representations par excellence, are one way to do so. However, in their most canonical version, they have laid down a very specific vision of the world, operating as a tool for control and knowledge, but also for spatial anticipation and definition in diverse territories. Thus, for many centuries and in many places, the lines on maps have determined relations with the land, configuring static identities demarcated by artificial borders. Nevertheless, though we sometimes forget, maps are not the territory; they are just one of the many ways to evoke it and make it intelligible. 

Throughout the twentieth century and to this day, many have advocated for the visibility of these other forms of conveying the world. These include artistic creation. Some of the works question, subvert and redefine familiar cartographic representations; others produce new languages that make it possible to evoke some of the dimensions of the territory that for centuries have been absent from maps. Many of these pieces revolve around personal experience, evoking the central role of inhabiting both the world’s modeling and the construction of its narratives. These projects prove that experience enables one to articulate other spatial imaginaries and belongings that transcend and redraw some of the lines that maps have been laying down for centuries. 

Through the works brought together in this exhibition, Amina Agueznay, asmaa al-issa, Christine Gedeon and Filwa Nazer explore their bonds with a series of physical and symbolic places in diverse ways. Individual and collective stories, corporeal and interactive experience, but also distance, and with it memory or spatial imageries, become particularly relevant in their projects, arising as essential elements both in the relationship with places and in their definition and account. The somatic and relational quality of territorial experiences is echoed in the techniques and materials employed. And this is so because, assuming an artisan and textile nature, the artworks navigate place and its possible representations through snippets and embroidery, making it evident that the ever-changing relationships with the world might require, rather than a definitive and panoramic depiction, a narrative made from fragments and interwoven threads.

  • A World of Snippets
    Qatari palms 2019 (c) asmaa al-issa
  • A World of Snippets
    Stitched Works . Syria 2018 (c) Christine Gedeon
  • A World of Snippets
    A Garden Inside, 2020 (c) Amina Agueznay
  • A World of Snippets
    Tactile Mapping. Untitled 3, 2019 (c) Filwa Nazer
Qatari_date_palms_2109__c__asmaa_al_isaa-galeria_mini Stitched_works_ A_garden_inside__2020__c__amina_agueznay_800-galeria_mini Tactile_mapping

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From November 16, 2021 until December 19, 2021 MADRID