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ALÁNDALUSOY: A conference that is danced

November 03, 20227:30 p.m.
Casa Árabe Auditorium (at Calle Samuel de los Santos Gener, 9). 7:30 p.m. Free entrance until the event’s capacity is reached.
In Spanish.

On Thursday, November 3, Casa Árabe is hosting the presentation of Patricia Álvarez’s project ALÁNDALUSOY in Cordoba, which came about as a result of the Second Al-Andalus Congress in Mexico and an artist-in-residency program that was held at Casa Árabe Cordoba in 2021.

Alándalusoy presents the conclusions of research on the imaginaries created by the complex historical period of Al-Andalus, through a dance-based approach. You can watch the event live on our YouTube channel.

Through explorations danced in different territories on the Iberian Peninsula related with Moorish material heritage the cities of Cordoba and Madrid and the regions of Andévalo in Huelva and the Portuguese Algarve- conceived as site-specific art (interventions in a specific space which lose meaning outside of it), this danced conference combines the materials from these explorations and the conclusions which this immersion in heritage produced in Patricia’s own body and in her view of the narratives we are told about this historical era in Al-Andalus, filled with symbols, myths, ideologies... It also shows how dance, on the one hand, plays a role in building these narratives, while, on the other hand, taking hold of some of these imaginaries and integrating them into dance styles and artistic visions which range from various orientalized aspects of flamenco to contemporary languages, including a contribution by Egyptian choreographer Mahmud Reda and his Moorish dance, as well as belly dancing and so-called tribal dances, thus creating two parallel realities: one with the imagined and recreated Moorish dances, and the other with the dances that took place during that historical period itself. In other words, the dances of Al-Andalus, about which we possess little information.

For this conference, Patricia will be working with guitarist Julián Olivares, who collects the music and sounds that inspired the explorations in space, creating three sound spaces with the guitar as a thread tying together the dialogue between Andalusian rock, nubas, different styles of fandango, “zambras” and flamenco tangos.

Patricia Álvarez
Patricia Álvarez is a dancer and independent researcher of body language and gesture in the cultural traditions of the Mediterranean area. In her performance style, she combines Arabic dance with contemporary dance and flamenco. With a bachelor’s degree in Arabic Philology and Islam, she carries out her work in two different fields: teaching through courses, mediation projects and coaching on movement, as well as spreading information among the public through conferences and writings. In the field of the performing arts, she is carrying out two active projects: KERESHMEH and MUJERESON.

As a researcher, she has performed work on two projects, as well: Bodies Which Move and ALÁNDALUSOY. She also works in different European and Latin American countries, and collaborates with different institutions, schools and organizations: Casa Árabe, Diputación de Huelva, the National Anthropology Museum, UNAM, and others.

Julián Olivares
Julián Olivares is a guitarist and producer from Madrid who shifts between different languages, including classical guitar, flamenco, jazz and Latin music. He earned a degree in modern music, the “Degree of Bachelor of Arts (music) with Honours at LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts).”

Throughout his professional career, he has recorded and performed live with numerous artists, like Malú, Juan Carlos Calderón, Arijit Singh, Diana Navarro, Pastora Soler, Canteca de Macao, María Carrasco, Pepe Habichuela and Los Chocolatinos.

He also works as a music producer and creates arrangements for other musicians, in both advertising and television. He just finished his first solo album, Calle Mayor. 
ALÁNDALUSOY: A conference that is danced
Patricia Álvarez at Casa Árabe in Cordoba.