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Algeria’s independence on the screen

From March 20, 2012 until April 30, 2012

Due to the fiftieth anniversary of the Algerian independence, Casa Árabe shows in Madrid a film selection, documentaries and fiction films, focused on this topic, from Monday 2nd to Friday 30th April.

Algeria became independent with the signature of the Evian Agreements on July 1962, after 132 years of French colonialism and an eight-year national war.


Peuple en marche [People marching]
, by René Vautier. Algeria, 1963, 55 min
In 1962 René Vautier founded an audiovisual educational centre. Together with his students, he filmed images depicting Algerian war, the history of the ALN (National Liberation Army in French acronym); they showed post-war life and, specially, cities’ rebuilding process and the rural World after the independence. Most of what was filmed was destroyed by French Police; those images which were saved constitute the historical document Peuple en marche.

The Battle of Algiers,  by Gillo Pontecorvo. Algeria and Italy, 1965, 120 min.
The Battle of Algiers reconstructs those events which happened on the French Algerian capital between November 1954 and December 1960, during the war of independence. It starts with the organization of revolutionary cells in the kashba and continues during the civil war between the Algerians and the so-called pieds-noirs. Violence increases on both sides, until French paratroopers arrive; their mission is to eradicate the Algerian National Liberation Front. The film was banned in France until 1970.

Outside the Law, by Rachid Bouchareb. Algeria, France and Tunisia, 2010, 132 min.
After World War II, three Algerian brothers who were expelled of their land meet again in Paris. Messaoud and Abdelkader fight for their country independence in the National Liberation Front, whereas Said tries to make fortune in boxing clubs and slums on the Pigalle neighbourhood. Their destinies will end up joining the one of that nation struggling for its freedom.

Cartouches gauloises [Gauloise cartons], by Mehdi Charef. Algeria and France, 92 min, 2007.
1962 spring is the last of the Algerian war, the season previous to the summer of independence. The Algerian Ali is an eleven year-old boy who sells newspapers. His best friend Nico is French. Both of them see how their worlds change and they face their impending separation

Screening program

Monday 2nd April Peuple en marche, by René Vautier.
Monday 9th AprilThe Battle of Algiers, by Gillo Pontecorvo.
Friday 13th AprilCartouches gauloises, by Mehdi Charef.
Monday 16th AprilOutside the Law, de Rachid Bouchareb.
Friday 20th AprilThe Battle of Algiers, by Gillo Pontecorvo.
Friday 27th AprilOutside the Law, by Rachid Bouchareb.
Monday 30th AprilCartouches gauloises, by Mehdi Charef.
Showings will take place at Casa Árabe’s Auditorium in Madrid (c/Alcalá, 62) at 19.30. Original version with subtitles in Spanish. Free entrance, prior invitation collection, one per head, from 19.00 on.
Algeria’s independence on the screen