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Arab and Islamic Studies researchers meet in Spain

From July 23, 2019 until September 10, 2019Check schedules (morning and afternoon sessions).
Casa Árabe headquarters (at Calle Alcalá, 62). Check schedules (morning and afternoon sessions). You must register in advance to attend.
You will soon be able to register.

On the dates of September 9 and 10, Casa Árabe will be hosting a presentation of those projects currently under way within the field of Arab and Islamic Studies.

Casa Árabe is hosting this event, which was organized by researchers Adday Hernández López (Juan de la Cierva – ILC-CSIC) and Jan Thiele (Ramón y Cajal – ILC-CSIC), with the goal of increasing the visibility of a wide range of research projects currently being carried out in the field of Arab and Islamic Studies from different methodological, geographic and time-based perspectives. By presenting projects financed through official domestic and foreign grants and funding, we are attempting to create a forum for sharing and discussion, as well as finding potential synergies amongst researchers from different institutions.

The meeting will be held throughout the days of Monday, September 9 and Tuesday, September 10, 2019, at 10 sessions in which 28 projects will be presented, all coordinated at different universities and research centers in Spain, with the participation of more than 38 researchers and experts.

With the participation of:
Adday Hernández López (Juan de la Cierva – ILC-CSIC)
Luisa Mora (Biblioteca Islámica Félix María Pareja)
Desirée López Bernal (UGr)
Linda G. Jones (UPF)
Mónica Rius (UB)
Nieves Paradela (UAM)
Araceli González Vázquez (IMF-CSIC)
Mayte Penelas (EEA-CSIC)
Mª Ángeles Gallego (ILC-CSIC) 
Montserrat Benítez Fernández (EEA-CSIC)
Juan Pedro Monferrer (UCo)
Gonzalo Fernández Parrilla (UAM)
Rachid el-Hour (USAL)
Juan Antonio Macías Amoretti (UGr)
Olivia Orozco de la Torre (Casa Árabe) 
Miguel Ángel Manzano (USAL)
Helena de Felipe (UAH)
Ana Planet (UAM)
Bernabé López (UAM)
Mercedes García-Arenal (ILC-CSIC)
Fernando Rodríguez Mediano (ILC-CSIC)
Carlos Cañete (UAM)
Juan Martos Quesada (UCM)
Santiago Palacios (UAM)
Francisco Javier Moreno Díaz del Campo (UCLM)
Borja Franco (UNED)
Fernando Bravo (UAM)
Elena Arigita (UGr)
Laura Galián (UGr)
Teresa Garulo (UCM)
Maribel Fierro (ILC-CSIC)
Amalia Zomeño (ILC-CSIC)
María Ángeles Vicente (University of Zaragoza)
Luis Molina (EEA-CSIC)
Jan Thiele (ILC-CSIC)
Soha Abboud (UCM)
Luz Gómez García (UAM)
Susana Calvo Capilla (UCM)

Further information in the meeting program
Arab and Islamic Studies researchers meet in Spain