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Arab Cinema in Huesca

From May 19, 2011 until July 01, 2011

From June 17th to July 1st, Casa Árabe, in collaboration with Arab and African Migrant Women Association, shows in Huesca three films: a fiction one, a documentary and an animation children film.

El Batalett, mujeres de la medina, de Dalila EnnadreEl Batalett, Women from the Medina [El Batalett, femmes de la médina], by Dalila Ennadre (Morocco and France, 2000, 60 min.).
In this documentary Dalila Ennadre captures women’s ordinary lives in the kitchens and living rooms of this Moroccan female community. Between their home walls, they devote their entire lives to take care of their families by cooking and cleaning, they help each other. They also go to the market, to the hammam and they discuss women’s matters in everyday life as well as political events which they see on television.

 Amerrika, de Cherien DabisAmreeka, by Cherien Dabis (United States, Canada and Kuwait, 2009, 96 min.).
Knowing that there is just one way to get a better future, Muna, a single mother with a teenage son, leaves the West Bank with dreams of an exciting future in the promised land of the small town of Illinois. Muna’s sister, her husband and their three children host the new arrived family at home. Muna and her son will have to struggle to fit into a new culture without losing their own one, facing an environment that after Iraq invasion looks the Middle East with distrust

Azur y Asmar, de Michel OcelotAzur and Asmar, by Michel Ocelot (Spain, France and Italy, 2006, 99 min.).

Cartel Azur y AsmarAnimation film which constitutes a fable on tolerance. Two children; a Moroccan and a French one, are its main characters. Both of them are brought up in France as if they were brothers, but Azur is the son of the family where Asmar’s mother works as nurse maid. Fate separates them although they will meet again when Azur decides to go on the search of the djins’s fairy.

Friday, June 17thEl Batalett, Women from the Medina
Friday, June 24thAmreeka
Friday, July 1stAzur and Asmar

Film shows will take place at the Assembly Hall of the Regional Government Office [Diputación Provincial] of Huesca (C/ Porches de Galicia, 4) at 19.00. Original version films with Spanish subtitles. Free entrance due to space availability.
Arab Cinema in Huesca