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Arab Cinema in RAKS Festival

From June 21, 2011 until July 06, 2011

On the 5th and 6th of July, Casa Árabe collaborates in Madrid with the RAKS Festival, an international event for Arab and Middle-East music and dance, showing of the films Dunia, by Jocelyne Saab, and Red Satin, by Raja Amari

Dunia, by Jocelyne Saab (Lebannon, Egypt and France, 2005, 112 min.).
Dunia is a poetry and dance student whose artistic expressiveness  is limited, due to the fact that she cannot feel desire. She will start a new search for ecstasy through Art, thanks to the help of her tutor, Dr. Beshir, that will lead her to face the traditions which have destroyed her ability to feel pleasure even before she had a chance to experience it.

Red Satin, by Raja Amari (Tunisia, 2002, 95 min.).
Lilia, a young widow, sews for a living and her main concern is to take care of her daughter Salma. A balanced and responsible mother tries to find out something about the man her daughter is dating. This curiosity will lead her to the cabaret where he works as a musician.

Tuesday July 5thDunia, by Jocelyne Saab
Wednesday July 6thSatin Rouge, by Raja Amari

Showings will take place at the Spanish Film Library (Filmoteca Española) in Madrid (c/ Magdalena, 10) at 18.00. Original version film with subtitles in Spanish. Tickets: 2,50€ (students: 2€).