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Arab Cinema Latest Blockbusters

From February 15, 2012 until March 30, 2012

Casa Árabe shows in Madrid and Cordoba some successful fiction films by acclaimed Arab directors.

In Women in Cairo, Yousri Nasrallah tackles the situation of an independent woman in present Egypt; Mohamed Al Daradji denounces through Son of Babylon the reality of Sadam Hussein’s regime victims; Elia Suleiman relates with an acute black humour and autobiographical details the life of a Palestinian family since 1948 in The time that remains; and Rachid Bouchareb spreads the story of those Maghrebian combatants who helped France during the Second World War in Days of Glory.

Women in Cairo, by Yousri Nasrallah (Egypt, 2009, 139 min.).
Cairo nowadays. Hebba and Karim are a married couple and both of them are successful, rich and pretty journalists. Hebba is a hostess of a popular TV political debate and her anti-governmental tenacity put at risk her husband’s promotion. He puts pressure on her and she ends up promising to slow down. She decides to pay attention to female stories and her success is immediate. Hebba captivates millions of spectators through real stories. Nevertheless, it does not take long for her to unveil a minefield full of abuses, religious, sexual and political lies. She transforms herself from being the interviewer into being the topic of the story itself.

Son of Babylon, by Mohamed Al Daradji (Iraq, United Kingdom, France, Holland, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Palestine, 2009, 100 min.).
Ahmed is a Kurdish child aged 12 who after the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime travels through the North of Iraq looking for his father accompanied by his grandmother. During the Gulf War his father was a soldier arrested by Saddam’s regime and he never came back. During this adventure Ahmed meets his loved ones, different people in his very same situation and he will walk into a new life. Ahmed will be changed forever after this trip.

The time that remains, by Elia Suleiman (Palestine, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium and France, 2009, 109 min.).
In 1948, during those finals hours before the surrender of Nazareth, when the Israeli State was being created, Fuad, a member of the Palestinian resistance, is separated from Thurayya, the love of his life. She runs away from conflict and moves to Jordan with her family, while Fuad is captured before being able to flee. Years go by and Nazareth is still under martial law. Fuad, as the rest of the population, is under the secret services’ surveillance. Arrested and accused of smuggling weapons, he runs into Thurayya in a police station, because she has a visiting permit to go back and to be with her sick father. The film includes the filmmaker most personal memories regarding his own family and tries to depict the daily life of those Palestinian who remained, those named “Israeli Arabs” living as a minority in their own homeland.

Days of glory [Indigènes], by Rachid Bouchareb (France, Belgium, Morocco and Algeria, 2006, 120 min.).
Year 1943. Although they have never set a foot in France, due to the war, Saïd, Abdelkader, Messaoud and Yassir are going to enlist in the French army to liberate their motherland from the Nazi enemy. Forgotten by History, these heroes will be victorious in Italy, Provence and the Vosges before facing on their own a German battalion while defending an Alsatian village.


Friday, 2nd MarchWomen in Cairo
Monday, 5th MarchSon of Babylon
Friday, 9th MarchDays of glory
Monday, 12th MarchWomen in Cairo
Friday, 16th MarchSon of Babylon
Friday, 23rd MarchThe time that remains
Monday, 26th March Days of glory
Friday, 30th MarchThe time that remains
  • Original version screenings with subtitles in Spanish will take place at Casa Árabe (c/ Alcalá, 62), at 19.30.


Friday, 16th MarchWomen in Cairo
Friday, 23rd MarchSon of Babylon
Friday, 30th MarchThe time that remains
  • Screenings will be at 20.00, in original version with subtitles in Spanish. Free entrance, limited to space availability. At Casa Árabe (c/ Samuel de los Santos Gener, 9)
Arab Cinema Latest Blockbusters