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Arab World Festival in Montreal

From October 29, 2010 until November 04, 2010

Casa Árabe takes part in the Montreal Arab World Festival, on November 3rd and 4th, with two round tables related to the Arab presence in America and the projection of the two films.

This films are To the Left of the Father, from the Brazilian director Luiz Fernando Carvalho, on November 3rd, and Amreeka, by Cherien Dabis, on November 4th.


Amreeka (Amreeka), by Cherien Dabis (United States, Canada and Kuwait, 2009, 96 min.).
Knowing that it is the only way to get a better future, Muna and her teenage son Fadi leave Palestine seeking a new life in a small city in Illinois. Muna's sister, her husband and three of their daughters settle the guests at home, where Muna and Fadi will have to strive to fit into the new culture without losing their own, facing an environment which, after Iraq's invasion, is looking at the Middle East with suspicion.

To the Left of the Father, by Luiz Fernando Carvalho (Brazil, 2001, 171 min.).
With a marked novelistic air, the film tells the story of a Lebanese immigrant family in the rural Brazil of the 40s. The family is ruled by an authoritarian, religious and conservative father. And as it always happens, some question the order in force. Nevertheless, the conflicts arisen do not seem to have an easy ending. 

At the Office National du Film du Montreal [Montreal National Film Bureau] (Canada) at 19.00.