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Arabs and Americans: Cinema as a mirror

From April 26, 2010 until May 31, 2010

From May 3rd to 31st, Casa Árabe will display in Vigo this cinema series in which Arab and American directors try to see each other, to get to know and to get an interpretation through diverse perspectives, which include references to History, identity, soccer, politics or marginalization, among other topics.

Tiro libre (Free shot), by Marcelo Piña (Chile, 2008, 117 min.).
The documentary film relates the challenges five players fromPalestina's national team face in their eagerness to achieve the WorldChampionship classification. Four experts link the players' personalexperiences to the international geopolitical context.

Soy palestino (I am Palestinian), by Osama Qashoo (Cuba, United Kingdom, 2007, 65 min).
Qashoo's lens follows a Cuban -Palestinian and then, a new relationshipis established between the director and the character, which is areflection of the curiosity and the lack of knowledge of theirrespective worlds, but also a trip in which both recognize each otherin their condition as marginalized homeless people.

Viva Guevara, by Maha Shahbah (Egypt, 2008, 58 min.).
The Egyptian director and journalist investigates Che's ideological andsymbolic impact of social movements in the Arab world and compares therevolutionary leader's figure of Argentinian origins to that of someArab leaders, from the fifties up to the present.

El color de los olivos (The Colour of the olives), by Carolina Rivas (Mexico, 2001, 97 min.).
The life of the Amers family is dominated by electrified doors, locksand the Israeli soldiers’ omnipresence. Through this documentary filmthe family's history will be discovered, which constitutes a startingpoint to develop a complex reflection on the effects of racialsegregation, borders and the absurdity of war.
Cineclub Lumière, in Vigo, at 8.30 p.m. Original version with Spanish subtitles
Arabs and Americans: Cinema as a mirror