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Book presentation: "Guide to Islamic Cordoba"

April 26, 202111:30 a.m.
Cordoba City Hall at Calle Rey Heredia, 22. 11:30 a.m. Free entrance until the event’s capacity is reached.
In Spanish.

On Monday. April 26th, we will be presenting the book Guía de la Córdoba Islámica (Guide to Islamic Cordoba), published by the Municipal Government of Cordoba in Arabic and Spanish. 

Presentation of this reissue of the “Islamic Cordoba” guidebook by the Cordoba City Council, the Delegation of Tourism, the Municipal Tourism Institute of Cordoba (IMTUR) and Casa Árabe. This volume, printed in Arabic and Spanish, is an easily accessible tool for all visitors to the city who would like to learn more about the remains of its Muslim past. In addition to proposing several tours of Cordoba’s most emblematic monuments, the guidebook also provides information on the illustrious personages who inhabited the city during the period of Al-Andalus and reflections on the Arab food heritage which still remains in contemporary Cordoba recipes.
The presentation will be given by Ms. Isabel Albás Vives (Delegate of Economic Development, Tourism, Equality, Citizen Participation and Solidarity), and Javier Rosón, Casa Árabe’s Coordinator in Cordoba. 
Book presentation: "Guide to Islamic Cordoba"

Organized by:
Delegation of Tourism - Municipal Institute of Tourism of Cordoba (IMTUR) and Casa Árabe