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Casa Mudéjar: home to the Cordoba Archaeology Museum

September 16, 20217:30 p.m.
Casa Árabe Auditorium (at Calle Samuel de los Santos Gener, 9) and on social media channels. 7:30 p.m. In order to attend this event in person, you must sign up in advance.
Register using this link.
In Spanish.

To mark the tenth anniversary of Casa Mudéjar’s official opening as Casa Árabe’s headquarters in Cordoba, we will take a closer look at the building’s history and its most recent past, along with the director of the Cordoba Archaeology Museum.

Casa Mudéjar is one of the unique spaces, both fascinating and multifaceted spaces, that form part of the melting pot in today’s city of Cordoba. The life it has currently been given as the headquarters of Casa Árabe is a reflection of its extensive history; and its interior stands out for having been the headquarters of the Cordoba Archaeology Museum from 1925 to 1961.

Since it was created in March 1867, the Museum originally shared space with the Museum of Fine Arts, until 1917, when a house in the Plaza de San Juan with quite insufficient space was rented for that purpose.

Thus, the Casa Mudéjar became the first site of the Archaeology Museum as such, with an purpose-built museum installation  that consists of nine exhibition rooms and three courtyards containing information from Prehistory to the Modern Age. Although the layout of the houses affected the museum’s installations, for more than thirty years, the collection grew and the number of rooms increased. And we must highlight the discovery and study by the museum’s director, Samuel de los Santos Gener, of one of the few examples of mural painting from the late fifteenth century preserved in the city: a work by Pedro Romana and Pedro Fernández that can still be visited in the hall on the second floor of this house today.

María Dolores Baena
Curator of Museums of the Autonomous Regional Government of Andalusia. Director of the Cordoba Archaeology Museum as of February 2002. A member of the Executive Board of UNESCO’s International Council of Museums (ICOM). Member of the Editorial Board of the journal (published by Spain’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports) since 2012. Member of the Royal Academy of Cordoba. President of the Social Council of the City of Cordoba since the year 2015. Winner of the Juan Bernier Archeology Award bestowed by the Art, Archeology and History Association of Cordoba. Winner of the “Fiambrera de Plata” Award given by the Cordoba Atheneum. Winner of the “Human Heritage” Award given by the Central District of Cordoba. Winner of the “Cervatillo de Plata” Award bestowed by the Al-Zahra Federation of Neighborhood Associations. Director of 14 archeological interventions in Cordoba, with a direct role in planning and in the economic sector of construction. A speaker at more than 70 conferences, courses, seminars and Master’s degree programs. Author of a wide range of publications and books on archeology, museum studies, museography, heritage and society, economics and culture, cultural tourism, the recovery of women’s memory through heritage, strategic planning of cultural sites, sustainability of historical heritage, leadership and team management. An educator at seminars and in Master’s degree programs at several universities. Experience creating programs for cultural planning and a curator of numerous exhibitions.

In order to attend, you must register in advance using this link. The event will also be shown live on Casa Árabe’s YouTube channel and Facebook Live.
Casa Mudéjar: home to the Cordoba Archaeology Museum
Photo: Cordoba. Courtyard of the old Archaeological Museum, now the headquarters of Casa Árabe on Calle Samuel de los Santos Gener. Cordoba Municipal Archives. (Rafael Garzón Herranz). Circa 1925. Bromide gelatin glass negative.

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