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Christian Arabs. Diverse Realities

From January 25, 2011 until February 02, 2011

Conference  by Youssef Courbage, expert on Arab countries demography (INED, France) and author (also with P. Fargues) of the book Chrétiens et Juifs dans l’islam arabe et turc (A. Fayard, 1992).

The Arab Christianity has always been one of the multiple factors of the social and cultural diversity from a great variety of Arab countries.

Within the last decades, its demographic weight, as well as its social and political importance have been affected and, nowadays, in some countries, it has become a controversial topic, because of its persecution by extremist groups and its manipulation by others. Courbage’s conference will provide the basic elements (historical, demographical and political ones) out of this reality in order to allow a better understanding of the various situations of the Christian Arabs.

The lecture will be Wendsday February 2nd at Casa Árabe Auditorium (Alcala, 62) and the entrance is free.
Christian Arabs. Diverse Realities