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Citizenship, Youth and Islam: A three-voice conversation 

May 06, 20216:00 p.m.
Casa Árabe’s channels on YouTube and Facebook Live. 6:00 p.m.
In Spanish.

Casa Árabe has organized this debate among three young Spanish Muslims, with the cooperation of the Pluralism and Coexistence Foundation and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). It will be taking place on May 6 and shown on our social media channels, including YouTube and Facebook Live

The conversation will address different issues and allow us to hear the participants’ reflections on the daily experience of youth associations. Beginning with an introduction to different experiences involving associations and grassroots initiatives in Spain, they will discuss the motivations that have led young people to work together. The reflections to be examined include issues such as job training, work expectations and the challenges of social and political participation in a broad sense.

Guiding the conversation will be Ana Planet, a professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She has extensive experience dealing with issues of religious freedom, Islam and citizenship in Spain, and is currently directing a research project on that very topic under the sponsorship of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Pluralism and Coexistence Foundation. Taking part in the talk with her are: Mohamed El Amrani, president of the associations Red de Convivencia and Azahara; Fatima Ezzamouri, coordinator of Sobre Los Márgenes; and Hajar Samadi, president of the Bidaya Muslim Women’s Association.

Mohamed El Amrani is the president of the association Red de Convivencia and of the Azahara association for development cooperation. He has been bestowed with the Young Social Entrepreneur Award given by the European University of Madrid, the Civic Action Award granted by the Carulla Foundation, and the Social Award of the Princess of Girona Foundation. He is a member of the International Youth Foundation.

Fátima Ezzamouri is a social researcher and feminist, anti-racism activist. She coordinates the association known as Sobre Los Márgenes, which seeks to promote socio-educational inclusiveness for young people at risk of social exclusion. She is passionate about issues related to the labor market, immigration and gender in addition to the management of social projects for youths.

Hajar Samadi is an activist and the president of the Bidaya Muslim Women’s Association. She is a member of the ADOS Commission, which works to fight for peaceful coexistence between the Islamic community and Basque society. She is also a social worker in the field of asylum and international protection.

Citizenship, Youth and Islam: A three-voice conversation 
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