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Cosmopoetic 2011

From March 28, 2011 until April 10, 2011

From April 6th to 10th, Casa Árabe will take part another season in the poetical festival which gathers in Cordoba a whole range of authors from all over the world, in collaboration with the Cultural Capital Bureau Cordoba 2016.

On this event, Casa Árabe invites the Syrain poet Maram al-Masri, considered one of the newest modern Arab poetry voices; and the Palestinian poet Fatena al-Gurra, women rights defender through the wording.

April 6th, Maram al-Masri will visit along with Fernando Sánchez Mayo the High School Ángel de Saavedra, where poetry will be read exclusively to the students. It will take place at IES Ángel de Saavedra in Cordoba (c/ José Sánchez Guerra, s/n) at 10.20.

 April 8th, a poetry reading will be carried out by the authors Fatena al-Gurra (Palestine), Juan Carlos Mestre and Fabián Casas (Argentina), and Juan Manuel Roca (Colombia), chaired by Alejandra Vanessa. It will take place at the Regional Prison (Centro Penitenciario Provincial) in Cordoba at 10.30.

April 9th, Maram Al-Masri will attend along with Ana María Moix, Juan Carlos Abril,  Mircea Cartarescu (Romania) and Matilde Cabello, at Posada del Potro in Córdoba (Plaza del Potro, 10) a poetry reading chaired by Alfredo Asensi. This event starts at 12.00 and has free entrance.

April 10th, a poetry reading will be carried out by Fatena al-Gurra (Palestine), Valter Ugo Mãe (Portugal), Fabián Casas (Argentine), Kirmen Uribe and Joaquín Pérez Azaústre, in an act chaired by Francisco Carrasco. It will take place at Posada del Potro de Cordoba (Plaza del Potro, 10) at 13.00. Free entrance.
Cosmopoetic 2011