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Crisis and the Moroccan Migrants in Spain

From December 16, 2010 until January 20, 2011

Casa Árabe presents in Madrid on January 20th the launch of the working paper Financial Crisis' Impact on the working conditions of the Moroccan Migrants in Spain.

The presentation includes a discussion of the Ioé's Association working paper which has been drafted for Casa Árabe on the subject. It will be presented by Walter Actis.
On the present financial crisis context and with the growth of unemployment, Moroccan immigration are being specially affected. The unemployment rate is particularly worrying for the population under 25 years-old, reaching almost two thirds of the active population (62,5%). Among the group of 40 year-olds or over, it affects 40% of the active population. Among this migrant community, the crisis has also generated an increase of the percentage of long-term unemployed people and among the families where none of their members within the active age range are employed, with the resulting decline of the families' quality of life.

The conference will take place at 19.30h at the Casa Árabe's Auditorium in Madrid (c/ Alcalá, 62). Free entrance.