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Documentary Films in Madrid

From April 16, 2013 until May 24, 2013

From May 10 through 24, Casa Árabe will be presenting a series of documentaries which take a closer look at the reality of the Middle East from a political, economic, social and environmental perspective.

As part of the thirteenth edition of the international documentary film festival Documenta Madrid, we are presenting Valentino’s Ghost, an observant look of the role played by the media in global perception of the Arab world, within the framework of international relations.
We have devoted the second documentary session to the BBC series Wild Arabia, by Dan Rees and Chadden Hunter, producer of the famous Frozen Planet series. It is an in-depth, spectacular look at this peninsula, where tremendous social and cultural change has taken place, from the ancient city of Mecca to the ultra-modern capitals on the Gulf. These screenings will be held with the support of Canal +.

Calendar of screenings

Friday, May 10Valentino’s Ghost, by Michael Singh
Friday, May 17Valentino’s Ghost, by Michael Singh
Friday, May 24Wild Arabia, by Dan Rees and Chadden Hunter for BBC

Location: Casa Árabe Auditorium in Madrid (at Calle Alcalá, 62). The films will be shown at 7:30 p.m. and are dubbed into Spanish.
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Tickets: Free entry until capacity is full. Tickets are numbered and may be obtained (one per person) at the door of the Casa Árabe Auditorium as of one hour before the film is shown.


Valentino’s Ghost, by Michael Singh (United States, 2012, 95 minutes)
An interesting analysis in which sociologists and journalists discuss the influence held by the media, movies and television on the image of Arabs and Muslims in the Western world. The film was a participant in the official section of the Venice International Film Festival of 2012.

Wild Arabia, by Dan Rees and Chadden Hunter for BBC (United Kingdom, 2013, three episodes lasting 50 minutes each).
A spectacular documentary series by the BBC on the Arabian Peninsula. A territory with dramatic geography and an amazing history, Arabia has been the meeting point of three continents and the commercial core of the world’s great ancient civilizations. Divided into three episodes, the series reveals the surprising connections between nature, inhabitants, landscape and history in this beautiful region. Sun, Sand and Stars delves into the profound mysteries lying in the region’s desert landscapes. Monsoon Mountains tracks the animal life in Arabia’s mountains. And Evolving Arabia takes an in-depth look at the relationship between man and nature, especially after the region’s oil boom.

Documentary Films in Madrid