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Economics and Business Bulletin nº 34

From April 11, 2013 until May 26, 2013

The future of tourism in Arab countries is the focus of this Special Edition, with a summary of the seminar organized at the FITUR travel fair about this topic, in addition to an interview and an article analyzing the situation in the industry and the strategies to be introduced in order for tourism to recover and develop.

The 34th issue of the Casa Árabe Economics and Business Bulletin contains a Special on Casa Árabe at FITUR with the most important highlights from the debate on Alternatives and Strategies to Revive Tourism in the Middle East and North African Region, organized by Casa Árabe with the cooperation of the U.N. World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).  This event, which took place on January 31 at IFEMA, included attendance by holders of important positions in the Arab world’s tourism sector, the most notable of which included the Libyan Minister of Tourism, Ikram Bash Imam, as well as a set of Spanish business representatives from multinationals in this industry.

The special includes an interview with José Luis Zoreda, Executive Vice-President of Exceltur, who moderated one of the debate panels made up of professionals from Spain’s tourism industry, where he discussed some of the ideas brought up about how to revive the tourism industry in the Arab world, as well as the potential for entrepreneurial cooperation with Spanish companies in the sector.

The issue also includes an article on Intra-regional Tourism, which is key for Arab countries and Spain, written by Ana González Santamaría, including the tourism figures for Arab countries in 2012 and examining the importance of the cooperation between Spain and Arab countries as a medium and long-term strategy.

The Bulletin contains a great deal of information on the Top-level Meeting between Spain and Algeria that took place in January, once again promoting advancement in their bilateral relations, as well as news on the latest contracts signed by Spanish companies in Arab countries, the economic developments in the region by countries and sectors, and summaries of the latest reports published on the region.

Economics and Business Bulletin nº 34