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Event series : Mosques in the Mediterranean Space

From May 17, 2023 until November 29, 20237:00 p.m.
Casa Árabe Auditorium (at Calle Samuel de los Santos Gener, 9). 7:00 p.m. Free entry until the event’s capacity is reached.
In Spanish.

From May 17 to October 26, Casa Árabe is organizing a series of conferences in Cordoba titled “Mosques in the Mediterranean Space: Research, heritage and societies past and present.”

Through this series of events, we will be presenting the latest developments in research on different mosques located throughout the Mediterranean. The selected examples, though they illustrate various geographical, chronological, historical and social backgrounds, all share a common thread forming the backbone which is the end goal of this event series.

Throughout the series, the urban, architectural and decorative features of these buildings will be presented, with reflections on their historical importance, placing a special focus on their contextualization in the most current urban and social dynamics. We will also be discussing with special interest the scientific contexts which have led to this research, analyzing the repercussions in terms of recovering spaces for cities and their inhabitants, for preserving and enhancing this type of heritage in different urban and geographical areas, ways to better present them and make them understood by society and, where appropriate, also looking at their potential role in the resolution of conflicts arising when reconciling religious, heritage and touristic uses, the desacralization of spaces and the implementation of urban development plans, along with other aspects.

The series has been scientifically coordinated by Professors Carmen González Gutiérrez (University of Cordoba) and Jesús Brufal Sucarrat (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona).


May 17
Rural mosques in different settlement areas in Eastern Andalusia.
Given by José María Martín Civantos and Jorge Rouco Collazo (MemoLab-University of Granada).

May 31.
The formation of socio-religious complexes around mosques in al-Magrib al-Aqṣà: architecture, urban development and current status.
Given by Íñigo Almela (Museum of Islamic Art of Berlin, Germany).

September 20.
The ulama of Al-Andalus at mosques: doctrine and social practices.
Given by Maribel Fierro (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, CSIC).

September 27.
Architecture and politics: mosaic of the caliphal “maqsura” of Cordoba.
By Fernando Valdés (Professor Emeritus at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).

October 11.
The Great Mosque of al-Qarawiyyin (Fez): Exploring the confluence between History and Archeology.
By Asmae el Kacimi (National Institute of Archeological Sciences and Heritage (INSAP), Rabat, Morocco)

October 26
The foundation of mosques and the sacred landscape in the late antiquity of the East.
Given by Mattia Guidetti (University of Bologna, Italy).
Event series : Mosques in the Mediterranean Space
Carmen González Gutiérrez
International PhD in Archeology for her thesis on “The Mosques of Islamic Cordoba: Concept, types and urban function,” which she defended in 2016. Since then, she has continued to explore and expand this line of research by approaching the mosques of of Al-Andalus from various perspectives, including comparative analyses between East and West, gender perspectives, and so on. Her work has taken form in many scientific publications related to these topics, which has also been made possible by several stays and research contracts at international institutions like the University Lumière Lyon II (France), the Technical University of Berlin (Germany), the University of Bamberg (Germany), The Cyprus Institute (Cyprus) and the University of Erfurt (Germany). She is currently carrying out research activity in the University of Cordoba’s Archeology Department, as well as working under the “Religion and Urbanity” research project at the University of Erfurt’s Max-Weber-Kolleg (Germany).

Jesús Brufal Sucarrat
Associate Professor of the Pla Serra Húnter in the Department of Ancient and Middle Ages Sciences at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. His main line of research, “History and Archeology of Al-Andalus: Architecture, Landscape and Identity (eighth-twelfth centuries)” falls within the medieval period and revolves around three main themes: “The dry land farming spaces in the district of Lleida,” “Identity and power at the Upper Border of Al-Andalus (ninth-eleventh centuries)” and “The transition between Late Antiquity and the High Middle Ages in the Ebro Valley (sixth-eighth centuries).” His scientific career has been acknowledged for several merits: IP of three research projects, the academic recognition of the Pla Serra Húnter for the recruitment of excellent faculty and participation in national and international research projects, as well as spreading awareness about the research project itself amongst prestigious journals and publishers in his field of knowledge.