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Event series on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

From October 08, 2020 until January 31, 20217:00 p.m.
Casa Árabe Auditorium (at Calle Alcalá, 62). 7:00 p.m. Free entry until the event’s capacity is reached.

Casa Árabe is preparing a new series of conferences, this time about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), during the second half of 2020 and first half of 2021.

Of the seventeen SDGs established by the UN, six have been identified as particularly affecting the region of our interest:

- On October 8, we will be discussing the Environment (Goal 13) and how instability in our surrounding world can put sustainability at risk.

- After this, on October 22, we will be taking a closer look at the topic of Health (Goal 3), and more specifically at a factor which has seldom been discussed, that of Mental Health, and its impact on development in Arab societies, above all in conflict areas.

- On November 4, we will be discussing Employment and Youth (Goal 8), because youth unemployment in the Arab countries in the Mediterranean remains among the highest in the world.

- Starting in 2021, we will be analyzing Education (Goal 4), Gender (Goal 5) and Poverty (Goal 1), areas in which this region also lags significantly behind others in the world.
Event series on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)