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Exhibition and workshop on freestyle football in Cordoba

November 30, 2022From 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.
Plaza de la Corredera (Cordoba). From 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. Exhibition with free entry. For the workshop you must register in advance and come with your own ball.
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In Spanish.

As part of the program “Football for Hope,” Casa Árabe has organized a show on Wednesday, November 30 in Cordoba to display freestyle along with Paloma Pujol and Jaime Artebeta, “Jimmy,” open to participation by all. Sign up here and come with your own football!

Besides getting the chance to enjoy a freestyle display, those taking part will also learn about different tricks they can do with the ball. The event will last one hour, with two showings and a workshop taught by the two athletes, which is why those attending must come with their own football. The show will be put on by Paloma Pujol and Jaime Artebeta.

Paloma Pujol
Paloma got her first ball when she was nine years old, and since then she has never parted ways with it, until becoming a freestyle football pioneer in our country. She has performed at the Metropolitano, at the final match of the Copa de la Reina 2019, and has starred in La Liga adverts, even landing a role in a play called Los Futbolísimos: The Musical’ by Roberto Santiago, in which she plays “The Panther from Moratalaz.” As well as continuing to pave the way for many other women in her field, Paloma uses football to perform at all kinds of events, with an ever-increasing repertoire that has included by artists from different fields such as the violinist Sebastián Petruchelli and rapper Eskarnia.

Jaime Artebeta, “Jimmy”
Jaime Artebeta has been a pro freestyler for over ten years now. He has taken part in world competitions in many countries, including Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic and Australia. Throughout these years, he has put on shows in Qatar, Ireland and all over Spain. In 2014, with several colleagues, he founded the Freestyle Association of Spain, and since then he has already carried out eight national tournaments. 
Exhibition and workshop on freestyle football in Cordoba