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How to counteract Islamophobia in Spain?

From March 07, 2019 until March 19, 2019From 12:00 to 2:00 p.m.
Casa Árabe headquarters (at Calle Alcalá, 62). From 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. Free attendance after registration
You may register by contacting the Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI) at the telephone number  (+34) 91 543 46 73, or by e-mail at:
In English.

Casa Árabe, in conjunction with the Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI) and the SETA Foundation (Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research) in Turkey, have organized this round table discussion for March 19 in Madrid. You may now sign up. 

The event is being held on the occasion of the most recently published edition of the European Islamophobia Report (EIR 2017), put out by SETA, which analyzes the phenomenon in 33 European countries, including nearly all of the countries in the EU, in addition to Russia and Norway, as well as others.

The report highlights the increase in Islamophobia that has taken place in Europe, and in Spain particularly, in recent years, with data from 2017. The panel will analyze the different dimensions involved in Islamophobia and its many forms of expression, seeking means to deal with and fight against this phenomenon.

Participating in the round table discussion will be Enes Bayraklı, Director of European Studies at SETA and co-editor of the “European Islamophobia Report,” Alfonso Casani, a researcher at FUNCI, and Carmen Aguilera, a professor at the University of Granada and the author of the chapter about Spain in the European Islamophobia Report of 2017.

The event will be introduced by Pedro Martínez-Avial, the General Director of Casa Árabe, and Encarna Gutiérrez, the Secretary General of the FUNCI, and moderated by Karim Hauser, who is responsible for International Policy and the Islamophobia in the Media Observatory at Casa Árabe.
How to counteract Islamophobia in Spain?