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Learn Arabic calligraphy

From May 28, 2020 until June 25, 2020
Casa Árabe channels on social media. #QuédateenCasa #JustStayHome

Every Thursday, we will be posting a series of short videos to help you learn how to write a few words in Arabic on our social media channels.

The videos, created by calligrapher Pablo Casado, show us how to use calligraphic pen and ink to write the following works in “thuluth” style calligraphy:

Hub (love) (Thursday, May 28). Download here the proportions of the word
- Nur (light) (June 4). Download here the proportions of the word.
- Sabr (patience) (Thursday, June 11) Download here the proportions of the word.
Amal (hope) (Thursday, June 18)
- Qalb (heart) (Thursday, June 25)

The videos will be available on our social media channels (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).

The style of  Thuluth (or “sülüs” in Turkish), is one of the main classical styles of Arabic writing. Famous for being an elegant cursive calligraphy, with wavy, oblique lines, in this style one-third of each letter is inclined (which is why its name in Arabic means “one-third”), and it was the calligraphy used in the Middle Ages in mosque decorations.

Pablo Casado (Madrid, 1982)
Casado always felt a special attraction towards the forms of Arabic calligraphy, but it was not until the year of 2008 that he was able to come into contact with the calligraphic pen for the first time, having attended a brief course on calligraphy in the nesih style. In 2009 he travelled to Istanbul, where he met his own teachers, under the guidance of the renowned calligrapher Nuria Garcia, who would become his mentor and teacher: Davut Bektas and Hassan Çelebi. He was also given classes by the master calligrapher of the khattat style, Ferhat Kurlu, who, along with Nuria García, would become one of his most influential teachers.
In 2014, he earned his icazet or calligraphy diploma, in the styles of thuluth and nesih at IRCICA (Center for Research of Islamic History, Art and Culture), which was signed by masters Hassan Çelebi, Ferhat Kurlu and Nuria García.
At present, he continues to travel to Istanbul regularly and spends long periods of time there so that he will not lose contact with his teachers and to be able to continue learning and perfecting this art.
Learn Arabic calligraphy