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Lost / Return to Beirut

From June 03, 2022 until June 23, 2022In Cordoba, the concert will be held on June 21 at 8:30 p.m. In Madrid, it will be held on June 23 at 7:30 p.m.
Casa Árabe’s headquarters in each of the two cities. In Cordoba, the concert will be held on June 21 at 8:30 p.m. In Madrid, it will be held on June 23 at 7:30 p.m. Cordoba: Free entrance until the event’s capacity is reached. Madrid: 7 euros general admission at the box office.
For the concert in Madrid, 6 euros for tickets purchased online. Tickets sold on this website up to the day of the event at 2:00 p.m., or until sold out. Those tickets which have not been sold online will be sold as of one hour before the event at the entrance to Casa Árabe’s premises (in cash or by credit card) for the price of 6 euros (5 euros for officially unemployed persons, students of Casa Árabe’s Language Center and Youth Card holders. You must demonstrate this status by showing the proper document in order to receive the discount). Assigned seating with tickets.

On June 21 in Cordoba and June 23 in Madrid, Casa Árabe is hosting this music and visual arts show in which documentary film images appear in a dialogue with Rami Khalifé’s powerful solo piano performance. Tickets now on sale.

The performances will be held on June 21 at 8:30 p.m. at the Casa Árabe headquarters in Cordoba (at Calle Samuel de los Santos Gener, 8) with free entry. As for Madrid, the performance will take place as part of the exhibition “Lights or Shadows of What Was and Still Is” and will be held on June 23 at 7:30 p.m. at the Casa Árabe Auditorium (at Calle Alcalá, 62). Tickets are now being sold online at the bottom of this page.

Rami Khalifé’s work is as eclectic as it is daring, ranging from improvised concerts to the recording of a Prokofiev concerto, and performances with his father Marcel Khalifé. He has also composed contemporary works for orchestras, producing soundtracks for films and documentaries and has his own classical electronic music group, “Aufgang.” His works include several pieces for piano and orchestra, a requiem, a cello concerto and several orchestral pieces, including “Tunnel to the Moon,” which premiered with Qatar’s Philharmonic Orchestra. He was also commissioned by the Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra to write his new piece, ‘‘Stories’.’

The Daily Star featured him as a “musician of high caliber and pure expression, whose experimental departure from the norm and the relatively conformist world of classical composition should be welcomed.”

Rami Khalifé is considered one of the most exciting young composers and pianists of the twenty-first century. “Lost” is the most personal work composed by Rami. It is his story, that of his suffering and fragility, a sensitive, violent and inventive dialogue with his piano based on a reacquaintance with his homeland, Lebanon, which he painfully had to leave as a child due to the war.

“My meeting with Rami and Marcel Khalifé was a chance encounter. My passion for their music led me, with a camera on my shoulder, to a surprise encounter with Lebanon, their Lebanon. The images that accompany the 13 titles in the album “Lost” show his childhood piano on top of a building under construction near the city of Byblos, on an open platform overlooking Beirut and the Mediterranean Sea. The film was conceived as a road movie, traveling back and forth from one place to another, all physically quite close but clearly different. Crossing Lebanon, attentive to Rami’s gaze, my camera recorded the encounters, all of the contradictions in Lebanon: the frenzied city, the serenity of its cedar forests, the harsh reality of refugee camps, the coexistence of various religious communities...

I remember the tears of a young refugee girl at a refugee camp, the beautiful energy of the chadi dancers, the value of a woman whose husband vanished along with nearly 100,000 other people during Lebanon’s civil war, which ended 30 years ago. I witnessed defiant conservative bigotry towards LGBT choreographer and dancer Alexander Paulikevich. I saw confinement in the Palestinian camps of Sabra and Shatila, excitement at the discovery of photographer Jamal Saidi’s images of war, poetry by street artists, the appeasement of prayers, Lebanon’s environmental and ecological degradation, youths who are confident, loving and tolerant despite their country’s collapse, and the benevolent eyes of a father, the great composer and singer Marcel Khalife.”

François Rousseau

Rami Khalifé was born on September 25, 1981 in the midst of the civil war in Beirut, Lebanon. Although best known for his reinterpretation of the classics, the pianist, a graduate of New York’s prestigious Juilliard School, has performed as a soloist with some of the world’s most prestigious orchestras, including the Globalis Orchestra, the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, the National Orchestra of Belgium, the Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra and the Orchestre national d’Île de France, to name just a few.

Rami Khalifé has gone on tour many times in the United States, South America, Asia, Canada, Europe and Australia at venues which include the Kennedy Center (Washington, DC), the Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia), the Place Des Arts (Montreal, Canada), Queen Elizabeth Hall (London), Salle Pleyel (Paris, France) and Philharmonie de Paris, as well as others.

François Rousseau is a painter, photographer and director. With the spirit of a great perfectionist, he represents each story-board by staging his three passions in fusions forming nearly choreographed works which celebrate the contortions of the body and performance of the soul. “LOST, Return to Beirut! is his first film. Technical information:

LOST was shot in Digital Cinema, 4K format, with RED MONSTRO and LEICA SL cameras. Color and NB. Beirut / Paris. Spring 2018 / Spring 2019 François ROUSSEAU 
Lost / Return to Beirut
Photo: Rami Khalifé

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