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Marwán and Ede in concert: Ramadan 2023 at Casa Arabe

March 25, 20238:30 p.m. Ede; 9:30 p.m. Marwán
Parque Aluche Auditorium (at Calle de Illescas, 149). 8:30 p.m. Ede; 9:30 p.m. Marwán Free entry until the venue’s capacity is reached.
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As part of its schedule of activities held to celebrate Ramadan in 2023, Casa Árabe has organized this concert on March 25 in Madrid’s Aluche Park with the performer Marwan, who will be preceded by Ede.

At sunset, Muslims break the fast they perform throughout the ninth month in their calendar, which is devoted to purification of the body, charitable works and spiritual growth. However, they also have the tradition of sharing and showing generosity, gathering together with family and friends on nights that last into the late hours and are celebrated with cultural events. Casa Árabe is keeping this tradition alive by offering this free concert that includes two figures of great importance in today’s music scene: Marwán and Ede.

Marwán has been considered one of the main voices of singer-songwriters in Spain and Latin America for the last decade. A loyal follower of his role-models (Sabina, Serrat, Aute, Silvio Rodríguez, Ismael Serrano, Jorge Drexler, Nach, Calamaro, Residente, etc.), he has managed to cultivate a sound all his own, and on his last tour he surprised everyone by staging a show very different from his predecessors, more typical of a rock concert, with the powerful energy of a true showman.

With his most recent album, El Viejo Boxeador, he has reached new heights in refinement in terms of lyrics and sound, making it clear that rhythm and words, depth and fun, can all be mixed together to turn his concerts into a party like no other singer-songwriter of his kind has ever put on before.

Born to a Palestinian father, Marwán has shared songs with artists like Jorge Drexler, Rozalén, Pedro Guerra, Ismael Serrano, Nach, Leonel García (Sin Bandera), Dani Fernández, Iván Ferreiro, Andrés Suárez, Rayden and Funambulista, as well as others. He has appeared in hundreds of international performances in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Palestine, Peru, Ecuador, the United States, Colombia, France, Greece, Russia and Belgium.

The “Marwán phenomenon” has only grown with performances for thousands of people in Spain and Latin America. To this one can also add the success he has achieved with his books of poems, having sold over 200,000 copies, his naming as a “Musician for Peace” by the European Parliament, and several awards won as a singer and writer.

Ede is a 23-year-old artist from Madrid who, although she is just now taking her first steps as a songwriter and performer, has spent her whole life receiving an education in many different fields within the performing arts. With a degree in Acting from Madrid Royal School of Dramatic Arts in 2019, she has also been educated in music and dance. A few years back, she began to upload some of her songs onto YouTube, and since then she has played at numerous venues in Madrid, as well as taking part in festivals like Piano Day and Poesía o Barbarie.

She has collaborated with artists like Club Del Rio, opened for bands like Valira and Tu otra bonita at the Joy Eslava concert hall in Madrid, and she recently joined the band of artist Xoel López, with whom she has also released singles like “Alma de Oro” and “Quemas.”

After the release of her first acoustic EP titled “Tranquila,” recorded live at Estudio Uno under the production of Juanma Latorre, Ede has embarked on an exploration of sound in an album, thanks to the help of music producers Bela Transa (Julio Martín, Sergio Fernández and Mario Carrión), with whom she carries out co-production work. Transcending a more acoustic, intimate and simple format found in her earlier work, in this new album Ede is making her sound and artistic identity much clearer. This identity, more mature and richer in influences ranging from indie to folk, and including R&B and neosoul, complements and enhances the imagery that she creates with her lyrics and vocals, which are definitely her trademark.
Marwán and Ede in concert: Ramadan 2023 at Casa Arabe
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Organized by: Casa Árabe

With the cooperation of: City Council of the Latina District, Municipal Government of Madrid