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Music from the Divan 

From April 16, 2020 until June 07, 2020
Casa Árabe channels on social media. #QuédateenCasa #JustStayHome
In Spanish.

Learn about the instruments and rhythms of Arab music through our videos, with the help of some of the great Arab musicians from our country. As of April 26, every Sunday on our social media.

We are still staying at home, unable to go outside and enjoy live music. Until we are able to host new recitals and concerts at our headquarters in Madrid and Cordoba, we will continue to put on our musical programming with some of the great Arab musicians from our country, who will be speaking to us about the most important instruments in Arab music. Along with them, we will be offering “Music from the Divan,” in an allusion to the Middle Eastern etymology of the word diwan, or divan, taking us on a pleasant yet domestic journey, but one that includes a repertoire of art and knowledge to be shared and enjoyed in a group.
Every Sunday, we will be posting a new video on our social media, including (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter:
April 26: Arabic oud – Hames Bitar
May 3: Middle Eastern percussion - Luis Taberna and Mustafa Sabeaa

For all those who wish to become more familiar with the concepts of music from Al-Andalus, we are bringing back a wonderful illustrated concert which has given by Luis Delgado and César Carazo on February 19, 2015 at the Casa Árabe headquarters in Madrid, when they explained the origins and evolution of this type of music up to the modern day.

We also recommend two virtual tours:

First of all, one of the Virtual Museum of the Luis Delgado Collection and the Joaquín Díaz de Urueña Foundation, in which visitors get the chance to discover the endless world of medieval and Oriental musical instruments.

And secondly, the Musical Instruments with History Foundation, created in 2017, by Emilio Villalba and Sara Marina, in order to research, recover, spread knowledge about and highlight ancient music through the reconstruction and use of historic musical instruments.
Music from the Divan