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Online Arab-flamenco fusion dance classes

From April 20, 2020 until May 25, 2020Every Monday, from April 20 through May 25, 2020.
Casa Árabe channels on social media. Every Monday, from April 20 through May 25, 2020.
In Spanish.

Every Monday on our social media, Carolina Prior will be showing us the basic movements of Middle Eastern dance and a fusion of that dance with flamenco. 

Because it has become impossible to hold the series of master classes that we had been giving at our headquarters in Cordoba, Casa Árabe began, as of Monday, April 20, we will be showing a series of videos to introduce the basics of Arab-flamenco fusion dance, also given by Carolina Prior, but now from the home.

While Middle Eastern dance is a hypnotic form of dance that displays great elegance, flamenco is filled with energy and passion. The combination of these two genres creates a dance of unmatchable beauty. During these six workshops, we will learn about and practice some of the most basic movements in Middle Eastern dance and see how it forms a fusion with flamenco, creating a style that is instilled with magnetism and beauty, while simple to practice at home.

The videos will be posted every Monday on our social networking channels: Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The course was designed for all audiences, so don’t worry about getting embarrassed, and just start dancing! 

Monday, April 20 - Workshop 1
Monday, April 27 - Workshop 2
Monday, May 4 - Workshop 3
Monday, May 11 - Workshop 4
Monday, May 18 - Workshop 5
Monday, May 25 - Workshop 6

Online Arab-flamenco fusion dance classes