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Palestinian children's stories read aloud 

April 30, 20216:00 p.m.
Casa Árabe’s central courtyard (at Calle Samuel de los Santos Gener, 9). 6:00 p.m. Prior registration required. Capacity is limited due to the health situation.
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In Spanish.

As part of the activities offered during the Nights of Ramadan 2021 in Cordoba, on April 30 we will be holding this event especially for the youngest among us. They will hear endearing and amusing stories through the voice of storyteller Héctor Urién. Sign up now in order to attend. 

The Palestinian stories told by children or women, included in a collection by Montserrat Rabadán, are an unbelievable narrative treasure worth discovering. Héctor Urién, a regular storyteller of The Arabian Nights, will be reciting some of these amazing, endearing and entertaining tales for the enjoyment of families in Cordoba.
The show will be taking place on Thursday, April 30 at 6:00 p.m. in the main courtyard at Casa Árabe in Cordoba. The number who may attend is greatly reduced and mask use is required throughout the entire event. The decision on whether to hold this activity in person will depend upon the health situation at the time. Thank you for your patience.
Palestinian children's stories read aloud