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Passions Laberynth: love and desire in Arab cinema

From May 24, 2010 until June 30, 2010

Casa Árabe will screen from 2 to 30 June, in collaboration with the Malaga Contemporary Art Centre and commissioned by Alberto Elena, includes five titles that raises questions related to gender and sexuality in the Arab world.

About the films

A Glass and a Cigarrette
, by Niazi Mustafa (Egypt, 1955, 112 min.).
Classic musical from the golden age of the Egyptian cinema in which a famous ballet dancer, Hoda, decides to retire to form a family with Mamduh, an attractive doctor at the beginning of his career. When Yolanda, a former nurse of Italian origins, sets her eyes on Mamduh, jealousy drags Hoda to drinking and puts at risk everything that she cares for.

Insomnia, by Salah Abu Seyf  (Egypt, 1957, 122 min.).
Melodrama in which Nadia, a young woman from the upper class, lives with her divorced father, with whom she has a strong and obssesive relationship which worsens after he gets remarried. Nadia is jealous and tries everything to split up her father and his new wife, even accusing her of infidelity with her young uncle.  

Dunia, by Jocelyne Saab (Lebannon, Egypt and France, 2005, 112 min.).
Dunia is a poetry and dance student whose artistic expressiveness  is limited, due to the fact that she cannot feel desire. She will start a new search for ecstasy through Art, thanks to the help of her tutor, Dr. Beshir, that will lead her to face the traditions which have destroyed her ability to feel pleasure even before she had a chance to experience it.

Marock, by Laila Marrakchi (Morocco and France, 2005, 102 min.).
The film tells a passionate affair between a Muslim female teenager without complexes and a Jewish playboy, and describes the life of the two wealthy youngsters from Casablanca. Both are attracted by excesses and exhibit a very liberal way of life, nevertheless, they belong to a family environment in which religious traditions are quite strong.

Satin Rouge, by Raja Amari (Tunisia, 2002, 95 min.).
Lilia, a young widow, sews for a living and her main concern is to take care of her daughter Salma. A balanced and responsible mother tries to find out something about the man her daughter is dating. This curiosity will lead her to the cabaret where he works as a musician.


Wednesday 2nd june: A Glass and a Cigarrette
Wednesday 9th june: Insomnia 
Wednesday 16th june: Dunia
Wednesday 23rd june: Marock
Wednesday 30th june: Satin Rouge

At Malaga Contemporary Art's Auditorium in Malaga (c/ Alemania, s/n) at 20:00 hours. Original version subtitled in Spanish. Free admission according to space availability.

Passions Laberynth: love and desire in Arab cinema