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“Pens and Cartoons: Arab comics in motion” is now coming Getxo

From October 04, 2019 until October 27, 2019
At the Torrene Exhibition Hall. Algorta
In Spanish and Basque.

The exhibit can be seen from October 4 through 27 as part of the Comics Show held in the Vizcaya province town.

The exhibit will be located in the Torrene Exhibition Hall in the town of Algorta and forms part of the intercultural activities regularly held with the cooperation of the Getxo Culture Classroom (organizer of the Comics Show), and with  the Immigration and Interculturalism Unit. More specifically, it is aligned with the strategy to find false rumors in order to prevent  xenophobia and discrimination (www.getxo.eus/antirumores). Also with this goal in mind, on Saturday, October 19 at noon,a seminar will be held on The imaginary of the Arab world through comics in Spanish  given by Pedro Rojo, the exhibition curator.

“Pens and Cartoons: Arab comics in motion” includes a complete overview of current comics and graphic novels in the Arab world through 23 works produced from 2007 to 2015, all very representative of the creative response by Arab writers and illustrators to the social and political transformations occurring over the last decade.

This show, organized by Casa Árabe and IEMed, brings Arab works of the “ninth art” closer to the Spanish public and is divided into three sections, each focusing on a different type of medium used to create comics: “Magazines: The predecessors of new Arab comics,” “Books: The rara avis of Arab comics,” and “The Internet: A natural space for creativity in Arab comics.” 

All of the excerpts shown in the exhibition were translated into Spanish by a network of translators who specialize in the various dialects of the Arabic language. All of the work was coordinated by the exhibition curator Pedro Rojo and the Al Fanar Foundation. Moreover, visitors may view the full stories of each comic using a mobile phone app that which they can use to take the exhibitions with them outside the exhibition halls themselves.
This exhibition was presented for the first time at La Alhóngida in Segovia within the framework of the Hay Festival put on in September 2015. Since then, the show has traveled to Madrid, Cordoba, Ceuta, Seville, Barcelona and Granada.

The Getxo Comics Show 
This year, the Getxo Comics Show is being held for the eighteenth time and is a must amongst events for fans of the world of comics both inside and outside of the Basque Country. From October 18 to 20, the Estación de Las Arenas square will be the site of stands put up by bookstores, publishing firms, merchandising establishments and fanzines where the public can get a hold of the latest items, complete their collections and acquire old comics and collectors’ copies, as well as finding all types of products related with the world of comic strips. In addition to the commercial area, the Comics Show will be hosting several activities at the Romo Cultural Classroom, including new product presentations, talks, round table discussions, screenings and workshops, and so much more.
“Pens and Cartoons: Arab comics in motion” is now coming Getxo