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Pop Art vs. Covid 

From May 12, 2020 until June 17, 2020
Casa Árabe channels on social media. #QuédateenCasa #JustStayHome

Young Arab artists are giving this virtual exhibition, in which they display their Pop Art works inspired by the covid-19 pandemic. Every Tuesday and Friday discover and new work and creator on our social media.

As a result of confinement due to the covid-19 pandemic, and because it is impossible for us to open our exhibition halls, Casa Árabe would like to bring art into the homes of all its followers.

To do so, it has invited the artists who were featured in our exhibition “Pop Art in North Africa” to create works inspired by the situation in our world today.

The works they create can be seen every Tuesday and Friday on our social media channels (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) with the hashtag #PopArtvsCovid.

The guest artists are: Alla Budabbus, Rasha Amin, Dhafer Ben Khalifa, El-3OU, Malak El-Ghuel, Sarah Basma Harnafi, Ilyes Messaoudi, El-Moustach, Qarm Qart, Ahmed El-Shaer, Amy Sow, Ghita Benlamlih, Abdulrahman Al-Nazeer, Combo, Skanderous, Rayan Nasir, The Yellow Man, Amado Alfadni and Dar Al Naim.

The exhibition “Pop Pop Art in North Africa” was curated by Najlaa El-Ageli and Toufik Douib and could be seen at the Casa Árabe headquarters in Madrid in late 2019. It will be shown in Cordoba as soon as this becomes possible. Until then, you can watch the video further below, and the exhibition brochure can be downloaded here.

Pop Art vs. Covid