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Present Arab Novel, a heated genre

From October 29, 2010 until November 25, 2010

Casa árabe brings to Madrid on Thursday November 25th a conversation between the Egyptian writer Khaled al-Khamissi and the teacher Milagros Nuin, specialist in modern Arab literature.

In Spain, the famous novel Taxi from Al-Khamissi is well-known. A vivid portrait of Cairo, described through the stories told by the city's taxi-drivers which caught people’s attention because of its use of popular language from Cairo. As a journalist he is also an accurate and critical analyst in his opinon letters in the press. The translator and teacher Milagros Nuin has recently published an essay, Study on the novel in Egypt, which she presents during the event.

At Casa Árabe's Auditorium in Madrid (c/ Alcalá, 62) at 19.30. Free entrance.
Present Arab Novel, a heated genre