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Presentation of issue 16 of the journal Awraq in Barcelona

October 25, 20195:00 p.m.
IEMed Assembly Hall. 5:00 p.m. Free entry until the event’s capacity is reached.
In Spanish.

On Friday, October 25, IEMed is hosting the presentation of this issue of the journal Awraq, which has devoted this monograph to “Studies on the Contemporary Arab World in Spain: Present and future.”

The presentation will be given by Olivia Orozco de la Torre, Casa Árabe’s Training and Economics Coordinator. The event is being held within the framework of the Twenty-Second Meeting of the FIMAM (Forum for Researchers on the Arab and Muslim World), in Barcelona on October 24 and 25, with the cooperation of the University of Barcelona. The meeting, which came together for its twentieth edition at the Casa Árabe headquarters in Madrid on November 22 and 23, 2017, occurred after the seminar which led to this volume of the journal.

Issue nº 16 of ”Awraq: Journal for analysis and thought on the contemporary Arab and Islamic world,” a monograph devoted to “Studies on the Contemporary Arab World in Spain:”  Present and future,” corresponds to the second half of the year 2017 and is the result of a seminar with the same name organized on November 21. 2017 at the Casa Árabe headquarters in Madrid, with the cooperation of different universities, centers and research networks. The goal of that meeting was to analyze the changes and status of contemporary Arab studies in Spain through different disciplines, with the participation of the main research groups and projects then active in Spain on subjects related with the Arab world, so as to ensure bringing together a relatively representative, varied number of topics, schools and centers, and thus to be able to provide as comprehensive an image as possible of the current status of Arab and Islamic Studies in the country.

The thematic articles are as follows: Studies on the Contemporary Arab World in Spain: Introductory thoughts (Ana I. Planet Contreras and Alfonso Casani Herranz); Peripheral Orientalisms?: Zones of theory and analysis in the field of Islamic Studies in Spain (Laura Mijares); Brief notes on translation, language and culture in Arab studies in Spain(José Ramírez del Río); The Study of Contemporary Arab Ideologies and Thought in Spain: A chronicle from the margins (Juan A. Macías Amoretti); Studies on the Arab world in Political Science and International Relations in Spain (Isaías Barreñada); The Anthropology of Muslim Contexts from Spain: Immigration, Islamization and Islamophobia (Ángeles Ramírez Fernández and Virtudes Téllez Delgado); Economies of the Arab World Studied (Aurèlia Mañé Estrada). In the miscellaneous topics section are the journal are The History of the Present Time in Morocco: Between decolonization and the State’s formation (Youssef Akmir); From Homogenization to Invisibility: Processes of political change in Morocco and Jordan after the Arab Spring (Laura Sestafe Silvestre); Study of gastronomy-related cultural phenomena appearing in the work Kitab al-Tabikh, by Ibn Sayyar al-Warraq (Sabah El Herch Moumni), and The Arab and Oriental in the Life and Work of Kandinsky (Mª Arantzazu Carcedo González). This issue is rounded off with a review of the book by François Burgat (2017). To Understand Political Islam: A career in research on Islamist otherness, reviewed by Natalia Ribas-Mateos, a UAB researcher.

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Presentation of issue 16 of the journal Awraq in Barcelona