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Preview of our activities in September 2019 

From July 31, 2019 until September 08, 2019Check dates, schedules and entry conditions for each activity.
Casa Árabe headquarters. Check dates, schedules and entry conditions for each activity.

Due to our summer break, Casa Árabe will be interrupting its public activities until September 4. We would like to remind you that our exhibitionswill be closed in August, but below we are leaving you with a preview of the activities we have planned for this fall.  

Starting on September 1, we will be buzzing with activity again at both of Casa Árabe’s headquarters, in Madrid and Cordoba, with a varied schedule:

- 9/11 was a before-and-after moment in contemporary world history. This year, as part of our event series titled “Spanish journalists in Arab countries,” we are devoting a conference to the topic of “Former Jihadists: Stories of deserters and returnees,” to be given by journalists Alexandra Gil and Gabriele del Grande. It will be taking place in Madrid on September 10.

- We continue to pay close attention to the sociopolitical events occurring in Arab countries. Because of this, starting in September we will be organizing a conference series about the region, withAlgeria, Sudan and Yemen playing the main roles.

- With the cooperation of the Teatro Real, we will be holding a special series of events on the occasion of the performance of the opera Don Carlo. In addition to other subjects, we will get the chance to learn about the Arab manuscripts at the El Escorial Library with a presentation by María Jesús Viguera. It will be taking place on September 24.

- Starting in the month of October, in Cordoba we will be focusing on the Archeology of Islamic Cordoba  and on The end of Al-Andalus, between the “Reconquista” and “paradise lost, with two conference series that will last, in the case of the first, well into the year of 2020.

- We are beginning the fall season on Thursday, September 5, with the presentation of a graphic novel titled “Intisar in Exile: Portrait of a modern Yemeni woman” (Intisar en el exilio. Retrato de una mujer moderna yemení), a work by Pedro Riera with illustrations by Sagar.

- For yet another year, we will be continue to contribute to the Hay Festival. On this occasion, we will be supporting the participation of Ahmed Saadawi to present his book “Frankenstein en Baghdad,” when he comes to Madrid on September 23. The author will also be visiting the Fundación Tres Culturas in Seville.

- The most greatly expected event in the autumn will have to wait until Wednesday, October 23, when we will be given the honor of welcoming Lebanese writer Amin Maalouf once again, when he comes to Casa Árabe with the cooperation of the Alianza Editorial publishing firm to present his latest work, “Le Naufrage des Civilizations” (“The Shipwreck of Civilizations”), coinciding with the twentieth anniversary of the publication of “Les Identités meurtrières” (“Murderous Identities”).

- On Sunday, September 1, registration will begin for our fall quarter Arabic Language Center courses. The classes will be held from October 1 through December 21 of this year.

- From September 4 to 6, we will be hosting the last summer course of the season, the topic of which is “The Mediterranean in Motion: Democratization, migrations and agendas,” organized by the UAM and CITPax, under the direction of Professors Ana Isabel Planet and Carmen Rodríguez.

- In order to learn more about the projects under way in the field of Arab and Islamic Studies in Spain, on the dates of September 9 and 10, we will be hosting a Researchers’ Meeting, bringing together more than 38 researchers and experts, who will be attending 10 sessions at which 28 projects will be presented, all coordinated at different universities and research centers in Spain.

- If you would like to continue learning about the archeology and history of Al-Andalus in an entertaining way, then the workshops we organize with Sextomario in Cordoba are the right choice for you. On Thursday, September 26, we will be holding a new session devoted to manganese green ceramics of the caliphs. However, it is not the only possibility: we will be providing other opportunities in the months of October, November and December.

- On August 26, we will be reopening our exhibition halls in Madrid, where you can continue to enjoy the photographs taken by Leila Alaoui.  In Cordoba, you will have to wait until September 1 to see the sculptures and ceramics by Rachid Koraïchi again, and the photo-engravings and bindings by Tariq Dajani.

- Here at Casa Árabe, through the works by artist Cristóbal Martín / Abdel Wahid, we will be paying a small homage to Ibn Arabi, with the exhibition, “The Nocturnal Star,” which you can visit in Madrid as of September 20.

- Western pop art drives us wild, but did you know that in the Arab world pop art is also being made? The exhibition “Pop Art in the Arab World” allows visitors to learn more about the emerging pop art practices in countries like Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Morocco, Egypt and Mauritania, as of October in Madrid.

- In-mid September, Arab cinema is returning to Cordoba. The films that we are screening were presented at the latest edition of the Tarifa - Tangiers African Film Festival (FCAT), with which we are cooperating once again. The sessions include titles such as the Tunisian film Weldi and the documentaries Freedom Fields (Libya), Renault 12 (Morocco) and Lost Warrior (Somalia).

- The tales in The Arabian Nights continue to dazzle us, and thanks to storyteller Héctor Urién, they have become a show that you won’t want to miss. On Saturday, September 21, we will be holding session number 17 in Madrid, when Héctor will be reminding us that “love is blind.”

- For those of you who are not familiar with our headquarters in Cordoba, in the building known as the ”Casa Mudéjar,” we will continue giving guided tours until the end of the year. On Friday, September 27, we will be holding the first when we return from our summer recess. Don’t forget to sign up as soon as registration is made available!

Remember that you can follow all of Casa Árabe’s activities on our website and all our social networks (Instagram, Facebook and twitter), and if you want to receive news from us directly by email, you can subscribe to our weekly bulletin of activities by following this link.
Preview of our activities in September 2019