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Preview of our activities in September 2020 

From July 20, 2020 until September 06, 2020Check timetables and entry conditions for each event.
Casa Árabe’s headquarters in both cities. Check timetables and entry conditions for each event.

Once summer is over, Casa Árabe’s schedule of events will be back, with a wide-ranging set of new activities. Here you can see a preview.

In September we will resume our usual activity, with all of the activities described below:

- The global pandemic has become a new, destabilizing element in the Middle East and North Africa, a region already experiencing unprecedented upheaval and fast-paced change. On September 9, we will be discussing all of these issues with Jesús Núñez Villaverde and Kristina Kaush in Towards a “new geostrategic normal”?

- The political situation in Tunisia changes every week, and at Casa Árabe we are always tracking new events closely. In order to understand everything that is taking place, on September 16 Miguel Hernando de Larramendi and Sergio Altuna will be talking to us about “Tunisia and the reshuffling of its political forces.”

- After the success of the event’s first edition, on September 28, we will be beginning Aula Árabe Universitaria II. This year’s program includes 17 conferences with the participation of five Madrid universities to take a more in-depth look at past and present times in the Arab world, with some of the main experts in each subject.

- During the last quarter of 2020 and first half of 2021, Casa Árabe will be holding a new series of conferences about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Of the seventeen SDGs established by the UN, we will be discussing six which have been identified as of particular concern in our region of interest: The Environment (Goal 13), Health (Goal 3), Employment and Youth (Goal 8), Education (Goal 4), Gender (Goal 5) and Poverty (Goal 1). The series will begin on October 8.

- Bahrain is a kingdom the size of Minorca which lies in the middle of the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Iran, enduring many of the sectarian and political tensions now causing upheaval in the Middle East. In order to learn more about its complex society, Jesús Sánchez Mediavilla will be introducing his book A Dacha in the Gulf to us on September 3, at our Madrid headquarters,.

- “Science in Al-Andalus” is the topic of the new issue of the journal Awraq (issue 17/18), which we just published this July. It is the result of the international congress held with the same name from September 20 to 22, 2017 at Casa Árabe’s headquarters in Cordoba, on the occasion of the institution’s tenth anniversary. This fall, we will be presenting the new issue at our headquarters in Cordoba and Madrid, along with the journal’s academic director, Mónica Rius.

-  Tuesday, September 1 is the date when you may begin registering for our Arabic Language Center courses, with several new options: we are offering online classes, our course rates have been lowered, and we are giving special courses to prepare for university exams.

- Our neighbors in Cordoba know all about them: the best workshops to learn about archeology and history in a fun and entertaining way are the ones we organize at our headquarters in Cordoba with SextoMario. On September 17, we will be holding Architecture in full color.

- Lovers of Moorish art began in the month of January with our course “A look at the art of Al-Andalus.” After the summer, we will be resuming our theoretical classes, and the tours which were postponed because of lockdown.

- And for those who prefer dance, dancer Carolina Prior will continue to teach us the Origins of Arab-Flamenco fusion at her master classes and workshops. On September 21, the session will be dedicated to the Gypsy dances of Egypt.

- Sixteen Jordanian artists, both men and women, engage in critical reflection on issues revolving around the concept of real or imaginary borders created by human beings in the exhibition “Limitless: Artistic (de-)construction of borders.” The exhibition can be seen at our Madrid headquarters, but only until September 6.

- Wit, humor, satire.... this is what we are presented by young creators from Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Morocco, Egypt and Mauritania, in the show “Pop Art in North Africa.” After spending several months at the Madrid headquarters, the exhibition can now be seen at the Casa Árabe headquarters in Cordoba until October 2.

- For yet another year, we will be joining the PhotoEspaña Festival with works by two Yemeni photographers, Shaima Al-Tamimi and Thana Faroq. In Displacements: Yemen Diasporas, the two artists reflect upon universal issues surrounding displacement, the social and cultural aspects that are maintained despite distance and linking identity to freedom and the limitations imposed on it. You can see it in Madrid as of September 18.

- We will be remaining in Yemen, with photographer Jordi Esteva, who will be introducing Arabian Arcadia , containing some of the most fabulous landscapes from the island of Soqotra (Yemen), as well as the five great oases of Egypt. The exhibition, also part of the PHotoEspaña Festival, was curated by Jesús Cañete Ochoa and can be seen in Madrid as of September 24.

- Moreover: reaching Cordoba on September 24 are the wood engravings by Clara Carvajal. With the title “Gods of the Frontier,” this exhibition presents the works made by the artist on the basis of a selection of images from three important photography collections in Lebanon: the Arab Image Foundation, the archives of the newspaper An-Nahar and the collection of photographer Emile Boulos Divers.

- Due to the lockdown, we were forced to suspend our screenings in the film series which we had prepared with films from the United Arab Emirates. In September, we are bringing back two of the pending sessions in Madrid, on Saturday, September 12 and Friday, September 18.

- And then from the Emirates, we will be traveling again to watch film from Yemen, with a series of screenings throughout the months of September and October. They will include three feature length movies and three short-subject films (further information coming soon).

- Music allows us to get away from it all, travel and learn about other cultures. And that is something we truly love... Which is why we will be offering a performance given by the group Darawish, which is presenting its latest album, “Madar,” in our Madrid garden on September 10.

- We will also be taken on a journey from a Baghdad souk to a cave with a genie inside; from the Indian Ocean islands to the domains of the Serpent Queen, in stories told to us by the amazing Héctor Urién, in his oral storytelling sessions devoted to “The Arabian Nights.” We will get the chance to enjoy some of his newest stories at our headquarters in Cordoba on September 23.

- Casa Árabe is contributing to the commemoration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Cordoba’s Historical City Center being declared a World Heritage Site by giving guided tours of our headquarters in that city each month, in its building known as the Casa Mudéjar. The refurbishment work done on the building and its adaptation were awarded with First Prize in the World Heritage City Awards of 2011. If you would like to see it, we will be giving an upcoming tour on September 25.

You can follow all the latest news on Casa Árabe’s activities through our website, our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook and twitter), and watch or listen to our past activities on Youtube and Soundcloud. If you would like to hear about them directly via email, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter by following this link.
Preview of our activities in September 2020 
Image: Sea Frontier. From the exhibition “Gods of the Frontier,” by Clara Carvajal